Acoustic Musings With Viepsa

Acoustic Musings With Viepsa

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Viepsa Arora has us all enthralled with her sharp-edged vocals and versatile approach towards music. Read on to know more about the artist and her creative journey.

Music is a pivotal medium of expression, proving to be a steady mood booster and the perfect conversation starter. As the discourse surrounding the musical landscape of India quickens its pace, we're here to unearth and give you insight on the endless goldmine of creatives.

Catching our eye on the explore feeds lately, with her gloriously soothing music is Viepsa Arora, a 20-year-old upcoming music artist. One look at the young musicians social media presence and it is easy to deduce the brimming potential and ineffable range that her art form comprises.

The New Delhi native reveals that thriving under the spotlight comes as second nature to her. Part and parcel of the life of a born performer is their ability to seamlessly incorporate artistic inclinations into a thrilling spectacle for the world to celebrate and appreciate - and Viepsa keeps the makes it happen effortlessly!

"As a kid I always had an inclination towards everything art- music dance acting, painting. Ever since I started speaking, my mum put me on the stage and there’s been no looking back! I’ve always performed for the public, be it on occasions like Republic Day or Christmas - the stage is where I come alive!"


In terms of going professional with her music, the creative gets nostalgic about the Youtube era. At 14, Viepsa started her own youtube channel which kicked-off primarily as a high school pastime but gradually ended up helping the creative garner a small but loyal audience that stuck around for her unfiltered renditions of Demi Lovato and Lorde tracks. Flitting from one platform to another, Viepsa eventually established her presence on Instagram constantly creating and shelling out content that ultimately catapulted her into dominating the explore pages and suggestions.

As of now, Viepsa's Instagram features her belting out acapella covers and accoustic renditions of all our favourite hindi songs, a few originals and some quirky reels that keep things interesting.

The artist continues to transcend minute barriers of language with her music that sees her jumping on different moods and melodies, from Tamil verses to belting out indie tunes in English. Viepsa merges the contrast of the regal and the underground to deliver a sound that stands out to be confronting and confounding at the same time, describing her music as "eclectic, soulful, vibey and unpredictable".

"When it comes to my music, there’s no particular genre or style that I favour. I choose not to have any preferences as I prefer to keep things interesting. Like with Careless Whisper, there’s a wide range of sounds like trap, electronic pop, rock undertones to it."


When it comes to preserving and rejuvenating her creative energy, she accredits it to her ‘coven of witches’ - a tight knit group of artsy friends that keep her creating and experimenting as they mutually feed off each other’s hunger for growing and experimenting within their artistic element.

Her recent track ‘Sagittarius Season’ was pivotal in boosting the musician’s Instagram traction. Getting candid about the roving sound and dreamy music video that features the singer and her boyfriend, Arjun skating around in perfect harmony and radiating the universal sentiment of young love, the Delhi based artist credits it all to her best mate, Jagriti who is a budding cinematographer.

The tracks name aptly describes the motive behind it, which was to make a bop for all the Sagittarius babies out there and give them an anthem of their own.

"For Sagittarius Season we opted for an Indie sound. In all honesty, I dabble in all genres and choose to keep my sound eclectic and uncontrolled. But with this track, we let Jagriti direct it and let our creative juices flow. I randomly decided that I wanted to skate and Arjun picked up his skateboard - all in all it resulted in a vibrant music video and I think that worked well with the people."


With a platform that boasts more than 12k followers and a multitude of talents such as acting, painting and dancing, Viepsa is set to build a name of her own. It is no surprise that the talented powerhouse is keen on venturing into other artistic spheres, with acting being on top of the list. Talking about future plans, she aims to expand her reach as an artist and is open to collaborations with artists from all mediums.

Being a millennial who practically grew up online, she doesn't shy away from blatantly admitting that the Internet has been a life changing factor when it comes to providing her a platform to showcase her art and connect with a wider audience. The bubbly creative eagerly shares how her recent cover of the song 'Jashn-e-Bahara' turned the likes of Ayushmann Khurrana into an avid fan, with the star sharing her song on his Instagram as well.

Upon being questioned about her impact and ideas for the current cultural disapora, Viepsa seeks out to bridge the dissonance that arises due to a grim contrast in the society we live in and the one we emulate. In the hopes of creating a happy place of belonging and finding solace in the throes of a bustling identity crisis that hits us all at a certain point, the singer-songwriter radiates a sunny disposition and a voice that enraptures us all.

Head over to Viepsa's Instagram to check out her charismatic covers and vivid visuals.

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