Upgrade Your Wardrobe Staples With Triune's Colourful Take On Menswear

Upgrade Your Wardrobe Staples With Triune's Colourful Take On Menswear

Stirring up the niche scene of men's fashion, Triune's lively apparel aims at surpassing conventional boundaries and inhibitions. Read on to know more!

Men's clothing in the Indian scene has often been restricted to minimalistic hues and formal silhouttes. Making the shift from mainstream to Avant garde wardrobe choices is Prasoon Sharma, a creative whizz who's label Triune is switching up preconceived notions about men's fashion .

Triune embodies the philosophy of celebrating life by harmonizing the mind, body and soul, and chooses to steer clear of any conventional or defining labels.

"Triune isn't just typical vacation-wear or party-wear. Our ensembles represent a perfect mix of culture - it's basically fun clothing that compliments every setting and is not event-oriented."

Prasoon Sharma

On his personal journey as a designer and a creative, Sharma recalls his days as a fashion student hustling in Mumbai where his creative ambitions led him to work with many visionary fashion biggies such as designer Rajat Tangri. Oscillating between Delhi and Mumbai, Prasoon's early days consisted of working at export houses, a few high profile styling gigs with magazines and freelancing in Mumbai.

The brand, that is proclaimed to be his brainchild, manifested when the designer moved to Jaipur in 2019 and kickstarted Triune.

When it comes to the inspiration behind the brand's conception and unique name, Sharma reveals that 'Triune' quite literally stands for the holy trinity of hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The cosmic power of creation, preservation and dissolution blends well the brand's narrative of creating clothing that surpasses all boundaries and inhibitions. A perfect amalgamation of one's aura and energy amped by a modern twist to menswear is what Triune is all about!

"Exploring the unknown and taking that step forward to venture past the norm has been the vision behind Triune."

Prasoon Sharma

The vibrant fiesta that Triune ensembles showcase are the ultimate product of the designer's motivation to flip the age old monochromes and khaki hues usually attributed to men's clothing - instead, swapping the formal shirts and suits for flamboyant hues and experimental silhouettes as everyday staples!

A step forward in making fashion sustainable is also a big part of the brand's agenda. The label doesn't believe in bulk producing it's collection, and starting out simple with basic sizes for every collection, they create custom orders which lead to zero wastage of resources and tie-in with mindful production practises.

Regarded as a one man army, Prasoon heads the process of marketing, producing and designing from scratch himself. Bringing his vision to life involves him fabric hunting, designing, sketching and spending countless hours in the studio until the final product develops into a stunning ensemble.

Every season is unpredictable and churning out of the box looks is what this Indian menswear label is all about. Switching his artistic temperament every year, Sharma seems to be the epitome of a versatile fashionista.

The label has also garnered quite a massive support base and appreciation from celebrity figures such as Ayushmaan Khurana, Ranveer Singh and Tan France who have been seen sporting some of the brand's iconic pieces .

"Fashion embraces individuality and change, which is why we aim to help people explore their sense of fashion beyond the mundane and acceptable. Triune aims to add to the cultural fiesta and define a way of life beyond the ordinary."

Prasoon Sharma

An exciting assortment of digital prints, funky designs, bold colours and a blend of different fabrics - Triune is an all encompassing package when it comes to revamping your wardrobe.

Head over to TRIUNE 's Instagram and check out the season's freshest take on menswear .

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