Up-Close With Luxury: The World Of Nabi

Up-Close With Luxury: The World Of Nabi

Modernizing the craft of embroidery and taking luxury wear a notch higher, The World Of Nabi has been revolutionising the creative landscape all over the world. Read on to know more.

The craft of embroidery has been flourishing since the 3rd century in various forms. From being identified as a symbol of status to being used as a medium to express creatively, the world has witnessed an extensive portfolio when it comes to the evolution of the art form. Modernizing the outreach and the perception of the traditional craft, The World Of Nabi has been doing some exceptional work in the field of fashion.

With a background in the areas of design, architecture, embroidery, finance and graphics, Nabi is the most humble personification of a knowledge bank one can ever come across. Nabi’s journey started when he cleared high school and fought his way to join an art school, contrary to what was expected out of him. After studying in Sir JJ School of Arts, situated in Mumbai for a little while, the designer quit and moved to Noida, studying Fine Arts at Amity University.

Within this while, Nabi had flown to New York multiple times, where he noticed a rather visible gap between a certain few art forms and their direct connection to India, and their scarce availability overseas; and thus struck the idea to actualize The World Of Nabi.

Attesting to his experience-acquired affinity towards the craft of hand beading and embroidery, Nabi confesses that he wasn’t initially aware of the technicalities. It was when the realization of wanting to build his creative career through harnessing his true potential hit, that he delved into the intricacies of the craft, while working closely with a team of 3 karigars - belonging to India just added to the artist’s desire of pursuing the craft of embroidery.

“A big chunk of the world’s embroidery comes from India. The innate quality of the craft here, which has been attained after years of hard work and precision, is something one can’t find anywhere. I started with a lot of trial and error, watched videos and learnt all I could from the karigars.”


Just like a majority of the millennial generation, Nabi has his hands deep into a plethora of crafts and professional practices. Believing in the ideology of being well versed with various outlooks, Nabi is also a graphic designer, a 3D illustration designer, a print designer and a master illustrator, with an exceptional style of his own.

With an extensive clientele that is spread all over the world, Nabi switches and shuffles between all his talents and the careers he has professed out of them. The designer also explains about the various scales of his work, ranging from luxurious designs that can resonate with various people, to exquisite custom designs and collections that are made to preserve sentiments.

Having modernized the usual interpretation and notions that are associated with embroidery as an Indian craft, Nabi’s design style has an aesthetic of its own. Believing in the mystique of magic that comes with the antics of the ancient world while also fantasizing about the endless possibilities of the future, Nabi’s aesthetic has come out to be an entity of his own, referring to a heterotopia that stands for a modern whip to the mix of cultures that exist today.

“I’ve seen people get into the rush of making their own aesthetic and failing by hurrying the process. I spend ample amount of time working towards my style. The visual style that I am trying to create is basically the metaphysical amalgamation of all the colours, textures and concepts that I like.”


Talking about the creative process involved in the making of each and every masterpiece, the designer follows the traditional process that is guided by inspiration, enriched by his personal encyclopedia of materials and resources. Being deeply influenced by various forms of Anime, the liking towards the genre also reflects in Nabi’s work.

There’s no greater gift for a creator than their vision being understood and appreciated entirely, and verbally incomparable when a personality as eminent as Violet Chachki, the RuPaul Drag Race sensation dons your designs. Having customized outfits for various celebrities, the one that sits closest to the designer’s heart is being able to dress Chachki.

“It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I finally met someone who understood the world I want to create. Working with her was extremely organic; we made sketches from scratch and mutually agreed over all kinds of details. It gave me an immense boost to create more, gave me enormous amount of confidence along with a dose of humbleness."


Talking about what lies in the future for The World Of Nabi, the designer explains that his vision is currently running beyond the predetermined notions of growth. While his currently running collaboration over masks with visual artist Sam Madhu has garnered an overwhelming response all over the world, Nabi plans to participate and lead more collaborative projects. That being said, the long-term aim is to push out of the stereotypical image attached to the representation of Indian crafts.

“I am trying to break bounds and create a world where an artist’s worth or work isn’t guided by his or her geographical belonging. The idea is to stray away from the typical aesthetic that is associated with Indian art form, and take a contemporary approach that does justice to the craft which is the tool of execution, and the underlying idea of the creation.”


Nabi’s take on the term culture was easily one of the most distinctive outlooks ever recorded. Hitting the core of the concept than simply attesting to the spirit of the prevalent times, the designer explains how culture to him is an entity engrained deep within.

“A lot of these thoughts, concepts and ideas come from the West. For me, culture is that one form of magic that still exists. It’s an intangible form of energy that is keeping all of humanity together, in the form of various like-minded sects. It leads to various forms of worlds to collide, giving birth to smaller and newer cultures time to time, keeping the concept alive. Quite a lot of people do things just to stay relevant and sound cool. Being cool is very last season now. Trying to do something meaningful without having to draw eyes and attention to it, is what matters going ahead.”


Channeling his innate creative vision while challenging the pre-existing notions and taking the age old craft of embroidery to newer heights and uncharted territories, Nabi's luxurious designs have been turning heads and catching attention all over the world. Head over the designer's Instagram to take a detailed look at his unending talent!

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