UNconventional: Robert Wun

UNconventional: Robert Wun

Take a look into Robert Wun’s sculptural designs dedicated to empowering women and celebrating feminism by going against the vortex stereotypes of the fashion industry.

UNconventional by FTC is a series exploring creators, designers and artists expressing unique, thought-provoking perspectives of socio-cultural and global significance through their craft. These creators stray away from the conventions and norms of everyday ideas and give them a new meaning through their otherworldly creativity.

Precise, bold, and unafraid, London based fashion label, Robert Wun, reimagines the meaning behind feminism - a kind that exudes authority and power without being portrayed as fragile or backed by masculine elements.

Growing up in a women-led household in Hong Kong, Founder and Creative Director Wun, was taught from a very young age to respect women and celebrate feminism while embracing his culture and heritage.

Robert Wun
Robert WunRobert Wun

The designer graduated from London College of Fashion and immediately caught the eye of Joyce Boutique with his elegant yet powerful graduation collection. Launching his eponymous label in 2014 to offer his unique perspective of East Asian heritage, Wun has been no stranger to the discriminatory stereotypes imposed on him as a designer, and maintains that it is the brand’s mission and sole strive to dismantle racism prevalent in the industry.

"It was almost as if people were sceptical of my ability and quality as a designer, simply due to my racial identity"

Robert Wun for Tatler, Hong Kong

Robert Wun

Through his avant-garde and bold creations the designer aims to challenge what is regarded as the “standard of beauty”. Displaying sculptural silhouettes masterfully rendered with a sense of elegance, Wun's label projects a forward approach with a modern spin on his architectural construction adorned with a futuristic attitude in material.

Trying to escape this vortex of stereotypes, he offers a young and fresh take on womenswear, shoes and accessories interpreted through his unique tailoring. His designs pull heavy inspiration from native Hong Kong traditions, science fiction, and the world of nature by channeling an ultramodern aesthetic.

The uber-talented designer attempts to reinvent the fashion industry by challenging the beauty, identity and sexual standards set in society and this can be seen clearly in the balance between nature and the artificial which is the core ethos and meaning behind his work.

This balance is also something Wun deems as a timeless language that can be communicated to the world. He considers an orchid to be a significant part of his story telling journey as well as his brand’s identity. First introduced in his SS19 collection, the manifested orchid pays homage to the legendary character Mulan who is known to have paved the way for feminists of a modern era. He also choose to work around the orchid silhouette because of its powerful, feminine and graceful shape and the poetic meaning behind its bloom.

Robert Wun

Wun's courageous forms and futuristic direction also implores women to feel "elegantly fearless, gracefully unstoppable and tastefully heroic". He imagines them to be living in a sci-fi fantasy as strong independent individuals, and in head-to-toe Robert Wun - they can conquer the real world.

Hoping to further expand his empire from to London to Hong Kong and everywhere in-between, Wun wants to support young and budding designers and help them tell their own stories by offering opportunities to expand their landscape.

Still running the race of ending racial stigmatism and labelled stereotypes, Wun continues to deliver truthful yet fearless designs in support of his beliefs. Get a closer look at some of his masterful collections on the brand's official Instagram.

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