The Up-Cycling Game Changer: Patch Over Patch

The Up-Cycling Game Changer: Patch Over Patch

We caught up with Kavisha Parekh to understand her label “Patch Over Patch”, an initiative focused on helping the planet and wardrobes alike. Read on to know more.

A venture that built it’s foundation from scratch, Patch Over Patch is an innovative label stemming out of founder Kavisha Parekh’s deeply rooted belief in the practice of sustainable production. Celebrating the diversity we’re engrained with as a species and yet maintaining individuality, the brand goes with the motto “Know your rhythm”.

A fashion designer hailing from NIFT Kangra, Parekh got involved in the practice of design after joining college. Having been involved in craft related subjects right from the beginning, design school further strengthened her skill set and gave her the knowledge of all the regional practices that have been around for ages. Her work experience at celebrated labels like Bodice and 11:11 brought her closer to the concept of slow fashion and inspired her towards instituting a label dedicated to sustainable fashion practices.

Parekh stumbled across her first step towards 'POP' when she was sourcing fabric in Surat. Her attention ran towards the heaps of discarded fabric in multiple stores, which had been rejected because of minor and unnoticeable flaws like a shaken stitch or a small hole. She ended up handpicking an assortment of fabric, which she later converted to her first ever collection of handmade kimono tops.

To her surprise, the entire line was sold out in an exhibition she’d participated in. She was also approached by a designer boutique in Hong Kong for a retail partnership around that time, giving her the confidence to start Patch Over Patch.

Having a special inclination towards surface ornamentation, blending a clean yet impactful aesthetic with something as tricky and technical as patchwork came naturally to Parekh. The designer focuses on the use of basic design principles to add structure to her designs, while giving them life with a play of colours and textures.

“Working with scraps and waste fabric opens up a ton of opportunities to unleash creativity. It’s like a fabric playground for me, with endless possibilities. We use the play of texture and colour to stand out, while combining them with basic geometrical aspects of design.”

Kavisha Parekh

The designer mentions that each and every creation is distinctive in itself. Being made from waste fabric, no two pieces ever look the same. A few creations might have the same silhouettes, but there’s a different personality to each overall.

The idea of making each piece different stems from the concept of how each individual on the planet differs from another in some way, shape or form. This practice also helps in curbing the ill effects of fast fashion, since there is limited production and proportionate consumption.

The brand believes in the philosophy of a circular life, hence opening up a plethora of options when it comes to drawing inspirations. Taking cues from life around her and things that intrigue her, Parekh mentions that Japanese art forms and textiles influence a lot of her creations.

The creative process is rather simple - once ideas are conceptualised and visualised in the form of sketches, Parekh and her team set out for a meticulously conscious fabric hunt, which is majorly based on the concept and functionality of the creation. The assembly begins with basic colour blocking and patchwork, creating an outline to follow. The team adds character to the designs with the use of various complimentary scrapes, which also results in minimal waste generation.

Discarding the concept of releasing timely collections, POP releases new designs throughout the year, calling the creations trans-seasonal, thanks to the adaptable and all-season friendly silhouettes.

Parekh mentions her fondness towards wrap tops and kimono jackets as her favourite and most popular designs. With an active clientele in Hong Kong, Macau and Dubai, the brand’s organic mix of Japanese design sensibilities and creative exclusivity is rather well received in these locales. The breathability and versatile use of the designs is also one of the factors that have led to a massive foreign demand.

Stressing on the importance of meaningful collaborations, Parekh mentions that the brand has been working towards promoting the concept of a conscious lifestyle through DIY collaborations, which include photo shoots and other forms of creative expression, done in the most efficient yet minimalistic manner.

Parekh is also working with NIFT for a noble initiative, wherein she teaches the local women of Gujarat a few of the label's notable surface ornamentation techniques. This helps the women earn and make a life for themselves, while also helping in scaling up the business.

Parekh’s idea about culture stems from her proposed model of consumption, while also throwing light on another important aspect of the society.

“Culture for us is the coming together of various different aspects and elements to make newer subcultures. The way in which people of different interests co-exist and co-create is very fascinating and inspiring to us. At Patch Over Patch, we believe in the saying ‘less is more’. We want to reach out to as many people as can and encourage them to be more conscious when they consume.”

Kavisha Parekh

Patch Over Patch is yet another remarkable brand in today's fashion landscape that has established the fact that sustainability goes beyond the notion of boring clothing. Head over to POP’s Instagram page to get a closer look at the stunning creations that have been appreciated worldwide and check out all their new releases.

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