The Slide Silhouette Saga

The Slide Silhouette Saga

In times of comfort fashion being the latest fad, the Slide mania is increasingly trending and here to stay. Read on to get a closer look at the latest 'hype worthy' Slide releases.

When you think of footwear, the go-to image that pops up in your head is either something suave and sleek or a more sporty and chunky silhouette. However, with the modern fashion scenario gradually straying away from 'conventional' options, the quintessential sense of style is passé and has been put on the backburner for quirky and bold statements to make way in every sense.

Ben Baller Slides
Ben Baller SlidesHypebeast

Nothing screams laid back yet bold than a pair of slides. The fashion industry has thrust these slip-on options under the spotlight like never before and the new-found hype surrounding the easy-to-wear, lounge footwear seems to be ever-increasing - right from the streets to the runways.

Model sporting Yeezy slides at Paris Fashion Week
Model sporting Yeezy slides at Paris Fashion Week Shutterstock

Breaking the cliché stereotypes of being a staple for your hippie neighbour or local gym dude , slides have proved to be way more interesting than these pre-conceived notions - just like the silhouettes early origins. From being a low-key ugly sandal to a bold fashion statement, slides have come a long way.

While sandals have been utilized for more than a millennium - from being the preferred footwear of Ancient Romans - the era of slides primarily has roots that stem from the hippie subculture of the 1960s which were deemed an open-toed, anti-fashion footwear by the general public - until the advent of Birkenstocks.

Rihanna dressed down in slides
Rihanna dressed down in slides

In 1966, German designer Margot Fraser discovered Birkenstocks which are possibly the most well known versions of the slide/sandal silhouettes that is now adorned by todays hipsters and surfers alike.

Juergen Teller for Birkenstock
Juergen Teller for Birkenstockhypebeast

It wasn't until footwear giant Adidas adopted the open toed slip on sandals and put them on people's feet as a mainstream footwear alternative that the slides entered the big league of fashion footwear. Soon enough, the three striped slip-on mania took over when the brand made ugly the new trendy by launching the infamously "classic" Adidas slide.

In 1972 Adidas marketed its range of the new silhouette as a go-anywhere slide. They became the ideal athleisure footwear to get away from the monotony of dressing up for a 9-5 lifestyle and multiple people coined the footwear as gym or pool slides due to them being perfectly functional on wet and slippery floors as well.

In 2006 a page spread of Mark Zuckerberg sporting a Velcro version of slides was featured in New York Times which proved to be subtle nod to the silhouette and by 2013 the style had made it big on fashion runways as well along with being featured in various designer brand's season look books.

The slip-on comfort shoe became a popular choice due to its breathability and functionality and the transition for this style from low-key to mainstream has been an up and up journey.

Mark Zuckerberg in Adidas slides
Mark Zuckerberg in Adidas slidesarchive fortune

Currently the silhouette has entered into and become a major referencing point for hip-hop style and culture. It is no surprise to find your favourite rappers, celebrities and influencers adorning the latest streetwear/luxury designer slides while you scroll through your Instagram feed.

Over time the sandals have developed a fanbase of their own and multiple luxury and high fashion brands/designers have collaborated in the recent years to design their renditions of this silhouettes. With hordes of people are rushing to add Birken's, the Classic Adidas or Reebok, or higher end Fenty and Yeezy slides to their wardrobe, it has become evident that this 'slide statement' is making it's mark .

Undefeated debut slide collection
Undefeated debut slide collectionHypebeast

This year has been eventful for the slide silhouette with people opting for comfortable, at-home footwear choices due to quarantine and the lockdown. Here's a list of some of our favourite, go-to slides that are versatile and prove that the slide silhouette is here to stay.

Adidas Yeezy slide in 'Core' and 'Soot'
Adidas Yeezy slide in 'Core' and 'Soot'

Yeezy Slides:

The Yeezy slides that initially launched last December are currently bringing back the hype heat with their newest colourway ‘core’ and ‘soot’ that released this September.

Designed to go hand in hand with Kanye's eccentric style, some people claimed the slides were too chunky. A snug top and shark-toothed midsoles renders it as a "Stay at home, Chill like Kanye" footwear.

The "earthy tone” aesthetic of the Yeezy silhouette is a Kanye patent that reflects on most of his designs and the $55 (Rs. 4,050 approx.) slides also come in neutral colourways of ‘bone’ and ‘resin’.


Adidas Boost Slides:

These sleek slides are the newest addition in the Adidas slide look-book. The Boost slides are more of a structured slip on , that comes with chunky strap on top and are slightly less cushioned than the Adilette.

An outdoor-friendly footwear , these seem to go well with all kinds of settings and casual day outs . Marked by the classic three stripes on the upper bandage the pair retails at $60 (Rs. 4,420 approx.) and come in two colourways of Cloud Black and Core White.


Nike Benassi JDI Slides:

The Nike Benassi JDI slides look good enough for you to wear for a big game but are much better suited just chilling off the court. They come with a soft cushioned sole that are light and help you stay breezy on the go.

The sporty structure make them the ideal locker room or after gym footwear. Available in two colourways - Black and White these seem to be a very popular choice!

Sandalboyz Algae slides
Sandalboyz Algae slidesSandalboyz

Sandalboyz Slides:

The summer 2020 off-court slides launched by Sandalboyz truly had the temperature soaring. The silhouette clearly stands out to be more than just your everyday casual footwear.

With funky embellishments like anodized steel zippers that open up to a nylon inner pocket within the strap of the slides, and an inner pocket designed for storage of small items such as money or keys, these bad boys seem to be rather a dressy alternative of slip ons.

Priced at $78 (Rs. 5,745 approx.) these come in three colourways "Algae", "Creme" and "Lilac".

Slides have proved to be an everyday comfort footwear that suits everyone. They’re an item that is more about convenience, relaxation, and comfort while also being a hip fashion choice that are quick hack to add that extra oomph to your casual fits.

As the fashion industry sees a transition from dressy to Uber-cool and laidback, the slide saga continues .

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