The Paisley Print Sees A 2020 Resurgence

The Paisley Print Sees A 2020 Resurgence

One of the most recognisable prints makes a comeback in recent trends. Read on to take a look at some of the brands that have featured paisley prints this year.

The 21st century has witnessed the return of multiple successful trends and fashion statements. One such statement is the intricate and powerful Paisley print. Tracing back its history, the design is said to have originated in the 17th Century, in present day Iraq and Kashmir around the India-Pakistan border. Having migrated all over the world, the print derives its name from a village in Scotland, called Paisley, where mass production of various printed scarves and shawls took place.

ASAP Rocky sporting paisley overalls
ASAP Rocky sporting paisley overallsGQ

Paisley has been a popular part of fashion for decades, especially in the West following the rise of hippie culture and hippie-inspired styles in the ’60s and ’70s. Having migrated from the east to the west, the print has influenced more than just the fashion and tastes of art enthusiasts. If looked at objectively, the print and its multiverse uses have actually enabled a universal cultural exchange.

From being a symbol of power and affiliation with street gangs and crews, to being the printed accent in a cowboy’s or a country farmer's attire, along with giving a rather expressive aesthetic to the aforementioned hippie subculture, paisley has indeed seen it all.

The Paisley Cowboy
The Paisley CowboyShopTheDrive

The last few years have seen a resurgence when it comes to the print with multiple brands incorporating the print in various forms, be it apparel, footwear or accessories. Here’s a glimpse at some of the most recent and noteworthy paisley filled collections and pieces of this year.

Visvim 'Bandana Print Puffer Jacket' :

The year started with one of the biggest names in music and street culture, Kanye West sporting Japanese brand Visvim’s bandana print puffer jacket. The brand is known for producing garments and footwear with a mix of both traditional and modern techniques, and this jacket became the perfect testament to the blend. Perceived as an important element of streetwear, the bandana print puffer jacket perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the 90s.

The Hundreds 'Paisley Print Collection' :

Los Angeles based streetwear brand The Hundreds recently released a Paisley Print Collection. The collection consists of multiple staples like trousers, jackets, tee shirts, shirts and even socks featuring a fine paisley print in black and burgundy red.

Vans 'OG Era LX' :

Skate brand Vans took its iconic silhouette, the OG Era LX, and gave it a lively update by covering the canvas upper in a minimal paisley print. Inspired by California, this rendition was released in two colourways, 'Fern Green' and 'Pompeian Red'. The release gave a true west coast feel and evoked the vibrancy of summer and warmer months that California is famous for.

Atmos Lab x Manastash Capsule:

Tokyo based Atmos Lab and Manastash collaborated to release a patchwork bandana capsule collection. The collaborators combined various tones, styles, and shapes of bandana patchwork prints. The collection consisted collared shirts, utility cargo shorts, and T-Shirts, all made with high-quality materials and airy boxy fits, making it perfect for warmer months.

Clothsurgeon 'Patchwork Bandana_13' :

Designer Rav Matharu aka clothsurgeon is known for his play with vintage bandanas throughout his career. The designer dropped a 10 piece capsule collection, clad entirely in classic bandana. The garments are constructed using traditional Saville Row tailoring methods while keeping intact the streetwear aesthetic. The collection is filled with surgeon’s staples such as the fishtail Parka and utilitarian garments. The collection can be seen is full and can be purchased on the clothsurgeon website.

Be it a part of a biker gang’s attire or the print on an exquisite high fashion collection, Paisley has rightfully united cultures through its versatile nature throughout the decades since its rise to popularity. Which 2020 Paisley collection is your favourite?

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