The Much Anticipated Swatch x Bape Timepieces Are Finally Here

The Much Anticipated Swatch x Bape Timepieces Are Finally Here

Inspired by 8 amazing stories of young entrepreneurs, the new Swatch x Bape collection celebrates all the wins in life.

Swatch and Bape are back again with brand new collaboration this season. Headed as a 47 mm Big Bold Watch coming in 3 different colourways, Swatch stays true to its Swiss precision horology, alongside Japanese Streetwear label, Bape and it’s unique design language.

The narrative of the collaboration campaign brings to light 8 distinct success stories of inspiring personalities across various genres.

From founders of streetwear brands and bloggers to YouTubers and BMXers, the central theme of all the tales trickle down to one motto - if you want something bad enough, you can unequivocally achieve it.

The campaign features Masa - founder of the streetwear brand Always Out Of Stock, Carmie Sellitto - a successful YouTuber with over 650,000 subscribers, AJ Odudu - a TV presenter, Brawks - a YouTuber as well, Dani - a Sneakerhead and DJ, Matthias Dandois and Chad Kerley - lively BMXer's, along with Sherlina - a Blogger and YouTuber.

All three colourways - Tokyo Black Multi Camo, Tokyo Gray Multi Camo, and Tokyo White Multi Camo - feature signature Bape multicoloured abstract prints on the silicone matte straps, representing diverse cultures and ethnicities bolted together by their unique oddities. Additionally, the bezel highlights all the mega cities of the world.

The Tokyo White Multi Camo features a copper-toned patterned dial, while the Gray Multi Camo and Black Multi Camo feature silver-toned and bold, gold-toned dials respectively. The contrasting colours highlight the bright streetwear-enhancing features of the watch as well.

Release Date: August 6th on Swatch India's official website.

Price: Rs. 11,500

Get a detailed insight into the inspiring stories behind the collaboration on the Swatch microsite.

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