The Football Jersey: Off The Pitch

The Football Jersey: Off The Pitch

Football jerseys have gone from being match exclusive kits to everyday style statements. Read on to spot your favourite FC jerseys that can be worn both on and off the field!

In the game of football, jerseys are ever-evolving iconic representations of of our favourite football clubs. In recent times however, football jerseys have transcended away from the field and are now worn as fan favourites.

Retro football jerseys have become even more iconic by transitioning into statement streetwear pieces worn by supporters and fans, the world over. Companies like Nike, Adidas and Puma, amongst others, have started designing kits that include a more contemporary approach to the jerseys, keeping in mind this new trend of wearing the shirts both on and off the field.

Global collaborations between streetwear and sports brands have laid the foundation to further cement the relationship between the two entities. Some collaborations worth mentioning are:

Lover’s F.C x Y.M.C Collaboration Jersey

London based brand Y.M.C worked with Lover's F.C and presented their vintage jersey designs at London Fashion Week in 2017. The jersey had an all-over maze like pattern and a special custom made F.C badge.

Lover’s F.C x Y.M.C
Lover’s F.C x Y.M.C

Off-White x Nike Football Collection

Another such collaboration was the Off-White x Nike football collection - a ground breaking collaboration, given a streetwear brand of such magnitude stepping into the world of football. Although Off-White Founder Virgil Abloh has always showcased his love for football, the collaboration was something special and released to celebrate the 2018 FIFA world cup and was a melange of elegance and athletic aesthetics.

 Off-White x Nike
Off-White x Nike

Palace x Adidas Originals

The Palace x Adidas Originals collaboration of 2018 made its mark in bridging the gap between football jerseys and fashion. The two brands collaborated to released jerseys that represented three countries: Germany, Italy, and France and produced classic jerseys and kits with everyday wearability.

Palace X Adidas Originals
Palace X Adidas Originals

Six5Six Sport x Indian Football Team

When the Indian Football team signed Six5Six - a New Delhi based streetwear and sportswear label - as their kit sponsors, it became clear that Indian streetwear brands were not going to be left out in being a part of this new revolution. Having already been the kit sponsors for two Indian Super League teams - Kerala Blasters and Pune City FC, the label were no strangers to combining streetwear aesthetics to sporting functionality. The Six5Six Indian football jersey combines street style and Indian centric elements through bold colours of Blue and Orange along with accents of Tiger stripe inspired patterns on the sleeves - an ode to the country national animal.

Six5Six x Indian Football Team Jersey
Six5Six x Indian Football Team Jersey

In the recent years, along with all these collaborations, multiple official team kits have been designed keeping in mind an overall wearability factor. Take a look at some of our favourite jerseys that you can wear off the pitch as well!

7. AS Roma x Nike (2020-21)

AS Roma is an Italian football club that has released some really cool kits in the past years. For the 2020-21 season, the club topped everything else they have done before. Made by Nike, the jersey brings back the “Ice Lolly” design that was first seen on the club’s kit in the early 1980’s. The colours and stripe pattern give the jersey a cool retro vibe as well.

6. Manchester City Away x Puma (2019-20)

After announcing the new $800 million deal between the club and Puma, Manchester City revealed the new home and away kits for the 2019-20 season. Inspired by the club’s history, the away kit caught our attention in particular.

It pays homage to the “Madchester” years and specifically the Hacienda - a night club and music venue in Manchester. The black base colour of the jersey is decorated with yellow stripes on the shoulder and sports blue and peach coloured detailing on the sleeves that give a colourful twist to the overall look.

5. Liverpool Home GK SS x New Balance (2019-20)

The 2019-20 Liverpool kit was the football club's last collaboration with New Balance before they signed a deal with Nike for 2020. This is one of the main reasons why this jersey is a lot more sought after, compared to other kits out there. The goalkeeper jersey is the one that caught our eye - the classic black jersey features golden accents and details keeping the overall look minimal yet classy. It is also constructed using the New Balance dry technology for greater breathability and dryness.

4. PSG Fourth x Jordan (2020-21)

The collaboration between PSG and Jordan has been one of the best we have ever seen. The Jordan fourth - the 2020-21 season release - is one of the more simplistic designs we have seen from the club, but that doesn't stop it from standing out amongst a crowd. The jersey is all black and features the French flag tricolour stripes running vertically down the centre. The classic Jumpman logo colours were also changed to black from white for this release.

3. Juventus Home Jersey x Adidas (2019-20)

Released in the 2019-20 season, this kit is highly different from the striped Juventus jerseys seen before. Using black and white contrast panelling with a pink accent line separating the two colour blocks, the design paid tribute to the club’s long and rich history.

Additionally, the materials used for making the jerseys were recycled polyester making it a more eco-friendly initiative as well.

2. Corinthians Third x Nike (2019-20)

The 2019-20 Corinthians' third kit is Nike’s first-ever football kit with UV-A effect elements. The kit has a black base and sports a unique all-over print in white. The design is based on the invasion of the Corinthians fans during the 1976, 2000 and 2012 FIFA Club World Cup. The graphic also resembles the corridors of the Corinthians Arena locker rooms for an added personalised touch.

Real Madrid Away x Adidas (2019-20)

The inspiration for the 2019-20 away kit of Real Madrid came from one of the most iconic moments in football history. The noise that the fans made while cheering the team in Santiago Bernabéu, when they won the title of “La Décima” was used as an element by Adidas to create this kit.

The dark blue jersey features sublimated sound waves printed on the shirts and the golden accents are a reminder of all the previous achievements of the club. This one is sure to make anyone feel like a true winner!


With increasing collaborations between streetwear brands and football clubs, football jerseys have become a full-fledged fashion statement. The unique and bold designs have become a must-have in every football enthusiasts' wardrobe and is truly the next step in the already blurred lines between sports clothing and street-style.

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