Stüssy Celebrates 40 Years Of Its Legacy

Stüssy Celebrates 40 Years Of Its Legacy

Having incepted Streetwear as a concept globally, Stüssy is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year with an exclusive capsule and breathtaking collaborations. Read on to know more.

Back in the 80s, Shawn Stüssy, a surfboard maker went ahead and experimented with a few graphic printed tees. Little did he know that his initiative was going to give birth to one of the most coveted fashion movements ever seen.

The prolific growth of the namesake label began right after Stüssy’s attempt at entering the apparel market, when he joined hands with James Jebbia to open up the label’s first retail store in New York, and there was no looking back ever since. With global trotting and interacting with more and more like-minded individuals, Stüssy’s vision was actualized across various horizons but united under the concept of streetwear.

While there were quite a few labels producing silhouettes and forms that appealed to the mass, what set Stüssy apart was their unconventional yet accessible take on the apparel which was meant to serve a niche only. Stüssy was the first label to produce varsity jackets and caps, which could cater to people outside the sports fraternity as well, making these items today's streetwear staples.

Shawn Stüssy
Shawn Stüssyi-D

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the label’s inception, and all the milestones crossed in the span of time. Stüssy released an elaborate and exclusive capsule that came out on October 30th. The first part of the capsule is a white tee shirt designed by Cali Thornhill Dewitt and Tremaine Emory, with graphics that spread the message of unity and fight racism. All the proceedings from the sale of the tee shirts will go to EQUAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE.

Graphic printed white tee shirt
Graphic printed white tee shirtStüssy
Graphic printed white tee shirt
Graphic printed white tee shirtStüssy

The most experimental aspect of the capsule is the IST Varsity Jacket, a staple from the house of Stüssy, but with a spin of personalization and innovation. Featuring the signature International Stüssy Tribe 8-Ball Globe patch on the back, the jacket comes with a peculiar feature that allows the buyer to get the name of the city it is purchased from, embroidered on the side of the jacket, but only of the sale is made at a franchise of Dover Street Market. Other features of the jacket include “Earth in the corner pocket” embroidered along with some signature Stüssy branding.

IST Varsity Jacket
IST Varsity JacketStüssy
IST Varsity Jacket
IST Varsity JacketStüssy

Last but not the least, the capsule was rounded off with a gold plated silver ring, with “40 Years” and “Tribe 2020” inscribed on the inside of the ring, and the Venus of Botticelli on the outside. The exclusive capsule was made available on October 30th online, through the label’s online store, select Chapter Stores and Dover Street Market.

Venus Of Botticelli Ring
Venus Of Botticelli RingStüssy

Adding to the celebrations, the brand joined hands with Japanese Streetwear giant; Comme des Garçons to release another capsule collection under the CDG sub label, commemorating the creative spirits of both the labels. The capsule consists of some of the most preferred silhouettes, but with an innovative spin in terms of design.

Stüssy x CDG Graphic Tee Shirts
Stüssy x CDG Graphic Tee ShirtsStüssy
Stüssy x CDG Military MA1 Jacket
Stüssy x CDG Military MA1 JacketStüssy

Comprising of a vivid range, the collection features a series of graphic printed tee shirts enriched with cobranding. Adding to the list is a co-branded green satin nylon military MA1 jacket, a midweight Bing pinstripe jacket and matching Beach pant, complimented by a cotton tote bag and a bucket hat.

midweight Bing Pinstripe Jacket And Pants
midweight Bing Pinstripe Jacket And Pants Stüssy

The collection released globally on November 13th, through Stüssy’s website, select Chapter stores and Dover Street Market.

Stüssy x Rick Owens
Stüssy x Rick OwensStüssy

Adding further to the celebrations, Stüssy went all out with a few more star collaborations. Attesting to the impact created by the designer in his early years over various geographical milestones, the label tapped Rick Owens, Virgil Abloh, Takahiro Miyashita, Marc Jacobs, and Martine Rose for a special 40th Anniversary World Tour Collection.

Stüssy x Takahiro Miyashita
Stüssy x Takahiro MiyashitaStüssy
Stüssy x Marc Jacobs
Stüssy x Marc JacobsStüssy

With the mission of redefining the classic Stüssy World Tour tee shirt, designers were called to add their personal touch to the creation, while also bringing in the essence of the cities that the label has created an impact on.

Stüssy x Martine Rose
Stüssy x Martine RoseStüssy
Stüssy x Virgil Abloh
Stüssy x Virgil AblohStüssy

The 40th anniversary edition of the World Tour tee shirt will be out on November 20th, through the label's online store, select Chapter stores and Dover Street Market.

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