South Korea's Football Team gets the Special Treatment from Nike

South Korea's Football Team gets the Special Treatment from Nike

Nike is breaking stereotypes through kit designs that challenge conventional norms.

Nike is a name synonymous with most of the football teams on the planet. and earlier this year the sportswear giant released a 16 piece capsule collection for the South Korean national team. Before South Korea, Nigeria and U.S.A were recipients of a similar treatment from Nike. So much so, when Nike released the Nigerian 'Naija' kit ahead of the 2018 FIFA world cup, they received a staggering 3 million pre-orders for the jersey. So what makes this release special and why did Nike choose South Korea as their latest canvas for creativity? let's find out.

While the collection is a breath of fresh air, it also is diverse at the same time. Having released products across all categories, the collection boasts of football jerseys (home and away), a Baseball shirt, A dress shirt for women, socks, crossbody bags and a pair of really cool dungarees.

Not to mention the sneaker lineup consisting of the the Nike Air Max 95, the Air Presto and the legendary Air Force 1. All of which have been given a very distinct and hype worthy look. Inclusion of statement pieces such as the oversized dress shirt for women or the dungarees makes the collection even more interesting. The dress shirt is streetwear inspired with the drop shoulder,oversized silhouette and the dungaree, on the other hand, have a workwear vibe with multiple pockets and the signatures swoosh at the back where the straps meet.

The inspiration come from South Korea as a country. The entire collection sees a lot of red, blue and white and tiger stripes which are all really important parts of the Korean culture and particularly the national flag. The home jersey is inspired by the national flag also known as "Taegukgi" and the four black trigrams of it. The collection breaks the norms of a typical football jersey as it can be easily worn as statement pieces both on and off the field.

Nike's decision to choose South Korea to work on was as bold , as they could have easily chosen a nation which is already popular in the footballing world and holds a massive fan following, to boost sales.

Also, the nation did enjoy their footballing pinnacle 18 years ago when they were the joint hosts of the FIFA world cup alongside Japan, during which time they advanced to the semi-finals of the competition.

Nike's approach to work on nations with a lesser fan following, highlights not just the country but the entire continent at large. Having done so in the case of Nigeria (Africa) and U.S.A ( North America), it was evident that the next destination would be Asia.

The Asian market is a thriving place but largely untapped by the west and South Korea is at the center of it all.

South Korea is a rich cultural hub, ripe for exposure, with a perfect mix of cultural and technological characteristics. The capsule will certainly gain a lot of popularity among buyers, but will also build the anticipation for the next capsule collection by Nike and which country will it represent.

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