Shia Rai - India's Very Own Haute Streetwear Label

Shia Rai - India's Very Own Haute Streetwear Label

Carving a niche with its luxe streetwear meets sustainability narrative is the upcoming label Shia Rai. Read on to get a better insight on the label's aesthetic vision and impact on the culture .

The Streetwear genre has been on the come up for a while now and changing times are a witness to the evolution of this phenomenon, rising from the outskirts of fashion to become a part of the luxury big leagues.

The refashioned landscape is credited to a cultural and generational shift and forwarding the streetwear statement in India is Shia Rai, an upcoming designer who’s eponymous label has been making waves in recent times.

Shia Rai is an upcoming "haute streetwear" label that aims to make the streetwear silhouette a lot more mainstream. The label’s founder delved deep into her personal sense of aesthetic craftsmanship and set out to create a luxe streetwear range that draws inspiration from subcultures around the world dating all the way back from the 1900’s to present day fashion.

The couture designer’s penchant for all things fashion kicked off at a very young age. From mindless games of dress up with the dolls to eventually designing her own collection as a fashion pioneer now, Rai’s innate inclination towards creating new things has always been a driving force. Her passion and visual sense pushed her into delivering a brand that caters to a rising league of streetwear aficionados and her label’s assorted pieces give off a fresh spin on the urban wear perspective .

After working and gaining experience in the fashion industry working as the assistant creative director at Shantanu and Nikhil, the young creative opted to take the big step forward into the industry and kick-start her own streetwear label.

Along with an assortments of plaids, pastels, reworked denim and satin silhouettes, the label has also made major moves with crafty accessories .

"The whole idea behind the art of accessorizing for us is to make Jewelry easily accessible to everyone, not just women."

Shia Rai

Carving its own niche in the fashion industry, the label boasts of putting a sustainable yet chic foot forward by focusing on individuality and affordability when it comes to creating vetements. Since 2019 all of the brand's garments have been made using scrap or waste materials and deadstock from fast fashion companies.

"A perfect blend of sustainability and statement wear that doesn't weigh heavy on the pocket" is how Shia Rai markets itself.

When it comes to the production and launch of latest collections, the brand charts out an organic and steady course choosing to refrain from the seasonal drop charade.The urban-wear label, instead, heavily embraces the slow fashion movement and releases limited drops and collections.

Taking it a step further with an all inclusive approach that doesn’t shy away from being non conforming and experimental has been the brands vision when it comes to designing its unique apparel line.

"I’ve always tried to merge streetwear with the craftsmanship and techniques used in couture, and I always keep my muses in mind while I create them, one of the top muses being ASAP Rocky. (Knowing how experimental and gender fluid his style is)."

Shia Rai

On her favourite piece curated by her label , Rai reveals it to be the Serpentine jacket that was worn by singer Raja Kumari at the Grammy’s After-Party 2020.

"I remember staying up till 11 pm at my studio while creating this piece and the sheer joy it gave me once it was completed so it’s a very special piece to me."

Shia Rai

“Culture” for Shia Rai means expressing your own individuality through means of fashion. Creating a cultural movement that thrives off sustainable fashion as a means of expressing and celebrating individuality is the label's contribution to the culture .

The designer sounds optimistic about the future as the labels primary focus shifts towards building a more sustainable future, with accessories and collaborations with various creatives and artists.

Head over to Shia Rai 's Instagram to check out the seasons hottest street style fits .

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