Sachit Gurung - Exploring Creation Beyond Aesthetics

Sachit Gurung - Exploring Creation Beyond Aesthetics

Delving into the visual treat that Sachit Gurung's instagram proves to be, we break down the enigmatic story of the boy from Kalimpong who's visual aesthetic has us all hooked!

Call them the digital underground prima-donnas or a growing posse of unconventional influencers representing a new generation of kids who aren’t afraid to go beyond the realms of the high-octane world of fashion and style - all in all, there’s a fiesta of artists taking over the gram and we’re definitely here for it!

Seizing the pulse of beautiful visual aesthetics and the gripping fashion fever that sets a strong foot in the Indian arena is Sachit Gurung, a budding fashion icon and creative hailing from Nokdara, Kalimpong.

Hailing from the quaint little region where life seeks and sustains serenity, fashion has never been a striking aspect or matter of interest. The young creative’s tryst with fashion officially began when he moved to Bangalore to pursue a career in hospitality.

"My decision to move to Bangalore for my education set me off on the path of experimenting with my idea of fashion and I’ve been hooked ever since."

Sachit Gurung

Take a look at his Instagram and it is evident that Gurung's modelesque and finely defined features translate boldly on camera. However there’s more to the creative than being the ideal muse, as he holds an avid interest for fashion photography as well - the power of a picture to convey various stories translates into the creative’s vivid visuals that keep the viewers double tapping.

"I was always fascinated by how a picture can tell an entire narrative , one picture can bring about so many emotions. I think that’s when it first started and later on I understood the dynamics on the other side of the lens and I equally enjoy both."

Sachit Gurung

Sachit Gurung
Sachit Gurung

Sachit thrives in the digital space and the real world, a point which is seemingly obvious in his colourful portraits shot in picturesque outdoor spots. Talking about his source of inspiration, the artist claims to find it everywhere, but primarily credits the international wave of fashion forwardness and magazines for his distinct ideation and sense of aesthetic.

"Resourceful, thought-provoking and engaging" is how he describes his creative content.

Going over his journey as an artist, the creative further reveals that his favourite work till date has been the series ‘escape’ that marries the scenic beauty of his hometown and the complexities of the human mind through captivating digitals shot amidst the bleakness of the pandemic.

"My favourite work till date has got to be ‘Escape’ that was conceptualised, shot and styled by me back in my hometown with my friend. I went back to my first passion i.e., photography through this body of work. The narrative was all about mental health, an issue that a lot of us constantly try to avoid/ignore leading to a constant chaos in our head. Instead of talking about it we tend to bottle it up until one day you just can’t. The visuals aim to engage active conversation and a safe space to talk about the severity and problems surrounding mental health."

Sachit Gurung

In terms of what the future holds, the artist is hopeful and open to the possibilities of collaborations. He hints at a few projects that are in the pipeline that can be expected to be in tandem with his style and distinct flair for fashion.

The wave of creative artists dominating the explore feed for good has also been a much-needed push for young artists all around the country to stunt on the gram with their eclectic styles and creative mediums. Going along with the wave, Sachit admits that there has never been a better time for artists to thrive than the present. With an increasing recognition and global platform that showcases a contemporary aesthetic that fits right in with the changing times, Gurung agrees that this is just the beginning of what is being seen as an era for the creatively inclined.

What is culture if not the milieu of artists? Instilling the magic of his roots with an innate, experimental aesthetic that features impromptu setups and ornate items as props to create stunning portraits and captivating visuals, Sachit’s way of contributing to the rich potpourri of culture is bound to make heads turn.

"Culture to me is something personal, something to be celebrated, to learn from but as artists we must realise that there’s a very fine line between appreciation and appropriation. I would love to bring more of my culture and heritage to the fashion world! I want people to learn more about us and our culture and not just exoticize it and use it as an ‘aesthetic'."

Sachit Gurung

Head over to Sachit Gurung's Instagram to get a closer look at the creatives stunning visuals and photography series.

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