'Rising Among' The Extraordinary Streetwear Fraternity

'Rising Among' The Extraordinary Streetwear Fraternity

We caught up with the inceptors behind the up and coming disruptive label Rising Among, and the exceptional offerings from the same. Read on to get to know the brand in detail!

While all of humanity cursed the pandemic for putting a temporary hold on life, there were a few who utilised this pause to their best capacity and came out winning. The last few months saw a lot of creative potential being put out for the world to see, one of them being Riya Khanna and Amruta Behera’s brainchild, called Rising Among. Born out of the need to cater to those who are fashionably forward and conscious at the same time, the label strives to provide an expressive space in the form of apparel.

Having graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, with Riya’s specialisation in the field of business and Amruta’s in design, the duo worked perfectly in tune with each other right from the ideation to the structural inception of the brand. While the two share a common alma mater, having lived together as room-mates in college worked towards them understanding each other’s style and design sensibilities as well as work ethics better, thus laying the foundation for a strong team.

“Our journey truly began during our quarantine post our evacuation flight when all we had was a king-size bed, CID on repeat and our idle creative brains to pick on. After 14 days of brainstorming and ideation, all we needed was a home sewing machine, a utilitarian inspiration and two pairs of really old denim.”

Riya Khanna and Amruta Behera

Telling us about the thought behind the name Rising Among, the duo tells us that the abbreviation of the name, RIAM stands for Riya and Amruta, while also symbolising the birth and growth of the brand in a pandemic. Stemming from the desire to start a conversation with the name, Rising Among indirectly leads towards the specificities that a person is working towards and desires to rise among.

Elaborating on the rather distinctive visual language that the label’s apparel possesses, the duo mentions that living in New York and being surrounded by the bustle of the city and its various aspects have very naturally transcended in the way they perceive design, while also factoring in their roots that are situated in Bombay.

Studying at FIT, working backstage for NYFW, being an active part of the fashion scenario and simply just existing in NY influenced the team to bring forth an unusual aesthetic that the Indian market had been missing, which is translated through the various silhouettes and ornamentation techniques that the label makes use of.

“Our aesthetic is a true combination of the youth and street styles of New York and Mumbai. We aim to bring authentic streetwear elements into the scene and hope to attract the consciously aware generation of India through this platform.”

Riya Khanna and Amruta Behera

While focusing on the aesthetic quality that the garments come with, the label has specifically worked towards making their pieces equally functional and utility based. Combining classics like the checkered pattern with solids, eye-catching graphics and precise construction while also indulging in the play of textures and their densities, the label touches multiple bases at the same time, thus also making for a wholesome sensory experience.

Telling us about their favourite pieces, the duo reveals that they’re collectively fond of the Half And Half Tees that reflect the contrasting creative personalities of Riya and Amruta.

Individually speaking, Riya’s fine eye for detail leans towards one of the label’s very first creations – BLEACHED PANT SETS. These sets came with reworked denim and pockets that feature a spontaneous bleach cloud effect, making each piece slightly unique. Amruta, on the other hand is more inclined towards the concept of utility and claims that the PANT-TEE is her favourite creation up until date, known for the witty play of words along with the multiple number of pockets meant for keeping anything and everything one could think of.

Having already garnered quite a lot of attention from folks all over the country in times as difficult as they were, the label has bigger plans in store for the future. Explaining the relationship with each other as collaboration on a perpetually bigger scale, the founders are working towards being more visible and accessible to the prospective audience as an evolved streetwear brand.

When asked for their views on the concept of culture, the label harbours a community driven approach that is enriched with the values of acceptance and expression.

“For Rising Among culture is seen from the true essence of community and togetherness. Streetwear in India is born out of this feeling. And as this community widens, it’s going to be all about acceptance, feeling good in your own skin, and owning every single look. For us, the culture is who we are as individuals, which we think we’ve made evident through our story. With Rising Among we want the culture to grow, be accessible and available for every single person. Our idea is to make this Streetwear culture available for wherever you are, whoever you are.”

Riya Khanna and Amruta Behera

Charting a name for themselves in the area of utility clothing and reworked apparel through a distinctive visual language, Rising Among is one of the many promising names in the streetwear culture of the country. Head over to the label’s Instagram and get well versed with the exquisite creations!

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