Rewriting The Fashion Rulebook With RIGU

Rewriting The Fashion Rulebook With RIGU

Headlining the Indian fashion scene is the label Rigu where experimentalism meets couture. Read on to get familiar with the labels vision on revamping the modern woman's wardrobe.

'Unabashed' and 'Empowering' - these two words prove to aptly describe the label RIGU, an opinionated pret-a couture brand making headway in the Indian fashion scene.

The face behind the upcoming label transcending the mundane is Riya Gupta, a fashion student turned designer who set out to fill the gaps in accommodating women’s couture by attempting to juxtapose her traditional heritage with her vagabond soul.

Getting candid about her affiliation with the realm of fashion, the Delhi-based designer reveals that her foray into the industry began at a very early age. Having studied Design and Development from London College of Fashion, Riya spent her college years simultaneously gaining a wide range of experience under the guidance of different designers including Giles Deacon, Manish Arora and Jade Kang.

Talking about the inspiration that kick-started RIGU, the designer reveals that upon returning to the homeland, she noticed there was a sudden shift in the wardrobe aesthetic of the modern Indian woman, with a growing need for an update that complimented the independent and working facet of the divine feminine. This gap urged the young creative to carve her niche in the segment of minimalistic formal wear and eventually gave birth to Studio Rigu.

"The lack of comfortable, formal wear for the modern woman drew my attention and hence, we began interacting with our friends and family and found out the difficulties they face in finding well fitted, formal clothes. Thus, Transcending trends, Independent and modern, our aim was to provide transformative clothes to meet the everyday needs of the globetrotting woman."

Riya Gupta

The label’s outrightly unique name RIGU is a fun wordplay on the designers first and last name as well as alternatively meaning ‘art form’ in Japanese.

Drawing on its bold take on style, the label dropped its recent collection earlier this year named 'Anomalien’, that encapsulates culturally inspired prints infused into modern silhouettes.

"The word Anomalien means ‘a deviation from the common type, rule or form; irregularity, abnormality’. The inspiration behind this collection brings to life unique characteristics that we embody- warm, empowering, experimental and sophisticated.The idea was to glorify each and every abnormality that we embody as individuals and celebrate it. To be out of the box, to standout, is what the collection aims to achieve. By mixing boho and ambiguous prints along with the asymmetrical tie and dye, we tried to create a contrast and step away from the rules of design."

Riya Gupta

The recent collection also turns out to be the designers’ personal favourite as it came into fruition during the lockdown period and has been meticulously crafted with love, care and practicality.

The labels vision has been synonymous with the ideology of ’Empowered Femininity’. Revamping the definition of a modern silhouette through practicality and a chic factor has turned out to be the labels strong suit.

Embracing the Indian heritage, the designer’s keen eye for detail strikes strong by incorporating artisanal handicraft techniques in modern and updated methods, and integrating sustainability. Breaking barriers and stereotypes on its way to the top, Rigu uses menswear fabrics in feminine silhouettes, in order to enhance and challenge the conventional designs of power dressing.

Branding itself as an eclectic blend of eccentricity and convention, spiced with a contemporary twist on individuality, the label foresees a wave of transformation heading towards the Indian fashion scene - one that will bring about change for the better.

"I think the Fashion Industry in India is at a turning point between an old industry and a new one. India has a huge economic reservoir in craft that is not being harnessed and updated. But I am starting to see a certain consciousness. Indian designers are extremely conscious about it. Behind all the glitzy fashion, there are those that are truly concerned about the craft."

Riya Gupta

The future seems to look promising for the empowering label with plans of collaborations with dynamic creators across all genres to shell out authentic and thought provoking content that strikes a chord with the masses.

Considering culture as evoking and enlightening in more ways than one, the label believes in heightening sense of expression and increasing sense of awareness through its silhouettes and cultural ethos.

"Culture is an irrevocable part of our lifestyle, and one should actively work at living it everyday. Our goal is to keep evolving with times and empower those around us. We want to grow along with our customers. Our contribution to the culture is our body of work, our attempt at modernising the artisanal India. With every design, every creation we want to move a step towards Empowered Femininity."

Riya Gupta

Head over to the Studio Rigu's Instagram to check out their fresh take on the globetrotting array of ensembles best suited for the modern Indian women.

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