Redefining The Loungewear Game With 'Future Of'

Redefining The Loungewear Game With 'Future Of'

Adding to the cozy relation between fashion and comfort dressing is the everyday wear label, Future Of. Read on to learn more about the labels' fresh take on innovating silhouettes.

Living in a contemporary setup where staying indoors is the new normal, there are changing trends to catch up to. A defining fashion trend that is here to stay on for quite a while is the advent of loungewear as the comfy-chic apparel eases its way into the work-from-home lifestyle.

Redefining the loungewear game in the Indian scenario is Future Of, a brainchild of Saniya and Sarina, that seeks out to explore everyday wear and give it an elegant twist.

Delivering a loungewear collection that is a blatant expression of quality, design and functionality, the label's garments reflect transitions as the lines get blurred between work and home, and between comfort and fashion.

Getting candid about the label’s ideation, Saniya and Sarina combined their experiences in working with direct-to-consumer brands, consulting and marketing and their love for all things design to kickstart Future of - a label that intends to bring an elevated and conscious approach to fashion.

Talking about the motivation behind starting a label that pursues an exemplary narrative, the label is heavily inspired by the designers’ take on broaching a distinct visual identity.

"We wanted to bring something fresh to the Indian market - something that is wearable yet not loud, comfortable yet quality. Also, we wanted to be extremely intentional about our initial community of ‘Futurists’ - people who we feel represent youth culture in India and are doing innovative things. It seems to be resonating well with our customers. Time will tell!"

Saniya and Sarina

Interestingly enough, the label’s unique name is said to be adequately incomplete! The idea behind the quirky naming was to seek out limitless experimentation across different product categories and their futuristic interpretations.

In terms of materials and their translation into apparel, Futureof leaves no stone unturned when it comes to shelling out quality products that are organic yet affordable.

The labels’ conscious design ethos reflects in its manufacturing, material quality, organic dyes and immaculate fabric. Keeping in mind the sustainability factor, the brand shrugs off the concept of mass production and drops limited capsules only, furthering the agenda of circular fashion in its stride.

On the topic of influences and the inspiration behind the brand's visual style and aesthetic, the founding duo delves into all spheres of design and mundane things, namely Danish fashion, interior design and travel. Futureof strives to be known as not just another streetwear brand, but to be an entry into the fashion world as a cross between loungewear, minimalism and fashion.

A brief insight into the label's creative process reveals the attention to detail. Starting off by taking into account what current trends are, and developing more timeless renditions of it, the brand's strong suit comes out to be it’s ability to play into conscious design practices as well, by designing a clothing line that seeks to encourage the average consumer to reuse and re-wear.

When questioned on the dynamic designing duo's favourite creation up until now, they reveal the forest green set from the initial collection as the ultimate standout piece due to it's aesthetic silhouette and wearability!

"We are getting a positive response to our brand identity. We think people have been looking for a conscious and minimal clothing brand. And our approach is to be as inclusive as possible and to push our culture of community to our customers. Often, ‘streetwear’ can be an intimidating world to step into because of its proliferation into youth culture today. We chose to stay away from branding ourselves as that for this reason exactly. We want to create a perfect in-between between an elevated Zara (but not fast fashion of course) and something that could be streetwear."

Saniya and Sarina

The future for the label seems exciting and full of possibilities, with a strong commitment innovating beyond clothing, and partnering with other small businesses and entrepreneurs to expand the creative sphere. The label opts to focus on building a community of Futurists, and creating a platform that proves to be engaging and interactive.

Connecting to the culture and contributing to it, the label adds its own take to the current scenario,

"Creating a culture of community and collaboration is extremely important to us. It is the founding ethos of Future Of and one we hope to contribute to heavily in India. We are already doing this by talking to cool creatives and entrepreneurs that we feel represent what we stand for. As we grow and begin to collaborate on new products, we hope our impact on culture only grows."

Saniya and Sarina

Head over to Future Of's Instagram to check out the seasons' freshest comfort silhouettes!

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