Redefining The Chic Factor With THR3 LETTER

Redefining The Chic Factor With THR3 LETTER

Placing a contemporary spin on artisanal techniques and bringing forth a new aesthetic for the modern woman, THR3 LETTER is the newest label on the block striving towards creative sustainability.

Born out of a mere thought to pursue something of the her likes, THR3 LETTER is the brainchild of Bunila Chaudhary. Perceiving fashion as a medium to express her creative self, Chaudhary is a textile design graduate. An entrepreneur at heart, the designer has also been running a venture called “Preach”, that gives a platform to the young and budding artists of the country.

Thanks to the pandemic and the surplus of time at hand, the founder realised her special inclination towards the intricacies of fabric and the various possibilities it harnesses, thus finally leading to the inception of THR3 LETTER.

Harbouring a distinctive visual library that is complimented with an extensive product line, the label specialises in a sustainable take on maximalist clothing, combining comfort with chic, while also factoring in functionality.

“To carry and blend variety in to uniqueness has always been a conscious choice of mine. On top of that, the fabrics and their intricate details is true soul behind Indian craftsmanship. Sustainable inclusiveness is the essence behind our work.”

Bunila Chaudhary

Walking us through the various details that make THR3 what it is, Chaudhary tells us that the label derives its unique name from her deep-rooted relationship with her mother and the added sum of her birthdate. Reflecting on her personality and life, she tells us that the inspiration to create comes from all walks of life, be it a heartfelt conversation with her mother, banter with her friends over brunch or listening to her grandmother’s bank of experiences. That being said, the pressure to deliver also pushes her in the direction of creating.

Inching to the creative process that is involved in the making of each and every piece of apparel, the founder mentions that every step, right from the inception of an idea to implementing it on paper and then making material selections is a very detailed regime.

Emphasising on the ever-evolving face of fashion globally, the founder believes in creating beyond the notion of trends and works with an ecologically conscious mindset. A testament to this initiative the label’s packaging is made out of corrugated boxes, with the apparel tags being made out of seed paper, which can later grow into a tree. While being a highly creative label that keeps a check on material usage, the label also does its bit socially by being helpful to the society. The brand makes use of all the leftover fabric stash into making masks and hands them out at the end of every week to the ones who need them.

“I want to create not just an outfit but a story that becomes an integral part of the people’s lives who wear my collection, something that exists beyond surface, through the impact.”

Bunila Chaudhary

Telling us about her favourite creation up until date, Chaudhary mentions that all her pieces are close to her heart, but the one that takes precedence over others is the ‘Chalk and Duster’ Pantsuit. Signifying strength, power, femininity and comfort, the creator believes that the piece represents her in the best manner. Attesting to the sustainable factor that the label so deeply believes in projecting through the “Reuse, Restyle and Re-wear” philosophy, the pantsuit comes with a detachable belt that changes the way the ensemble looks with every belt conversion.

Still being young in the game, the label is working towards bringing out newer creations and garnering more attention in the ever-evolving fashion sphere of the country. Telling us about the label’s approach towards the concept of culture, Chaudhary expands on how she wishes to make a mark.

“Staying connected with our culture and roots is very important for me. I think, that is the safe ground to build and nurture from. It has been my choice, to take local talent and fabric, and build THR3 LETTER from amalgamation of current, local and yet globally sustainable designs. Somewhere, this is the idea through which I want to educate and create impact in lives.”

Bunila Chaudhary

Head over to THR3 LETTER's website to take a closer look at the label's exquisite line of creations and add an extraordinary edge to your wardrobe!

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