Param Sahib Clothing: Pop Culture And Nostalgia Mashed With Fashion

Param Sahib Clothing: Pop Culture And Nostalgia Mashed With Fashion

Param Sahib Clothing is all thing's pop and colourful. Read on to get a closer look at the maximalist brand and its unique, one-of-a-kind, bold designs.

New Delhi based fashion designer, Param Sahib Singh Gugnani is known for his self-named atelier, Param Sahib Clothing with its distinctly pop-centric aesthetic and the myriad of bright colours and surface ornamentations it encompasses.

From psychedelic colour pallettes to intricate embroidery and sequin work, each piece has a bold presence that is sure to make you stand out in any crowd. The designs are a beautiful melange of not only pop-art but iconic, nostalgic symbols and items in Indian pop culture as well.

"My journery with fashion started through art actually. I would always illustrate croquis (fashion figures) in different outfits and costumes in school, so I've always been inclined towards designing. I was very clear, early on in my life that I wanted to work in the apparel industry."

Param Sahib

After high school, Sahib went on to take a drop year and chose to prepare for design college entrance exams. On his subsequent graduation from NIFT Bangalore with a degree in fashion design, the designer began working for brands in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi. Additionally, Sahib has also worked as a fashion stylist for various e-commerce platforms and editorial shoots.

An avid illustrator, Sahib's Instagram account displays several digital renders created by the designer that amalgamate cultural commentary with his signature bright colour pallette and art style.

"When I first started creating digital artwork, it was through a series inspired by my life and surroundings. They featured a lot of Sikh characters, as well. Gradually, I realised I wanted to focus more on creating art with a cause and that it should be able to create awareness around the ideas, struggles, and situations that a lot of people face today. However, I wanted it to be pop-centric and not preachy."

Param Sahib

It was at the time that Sahib discovered his unique aesthetic of combining a pop-art style to narrate his illustrations and started developing a USP. The designer discloses, how he finally decided to start his own label which began with pop-centric Indian wear for contemporary brides and grooms, in the beginning.

"The brand is an extension of my personality. It represents how I am in real life, in terms of the shock value, the bright colours, and over the top style."

Param Sahib

Sahib's bold visual identity transcends through all his designs and each individual piece is a work of art, just like his illustrations. The kitsch pieces give a luxurious Marie Antoinette-esque maximalist vibe - with an Indian twist!

His recent series of capsule collections titled "That 90s Child" is inspired by nostalgic elements from Indian pop culture that resonate with people all over the country.

With unisex, oversized shirts displaying collage prints of everyone's childhood favourite treats and iconic characters, they are bound to transport you back to happier, simpler times.

"That feeling of nostalgia is prevalent in whatever we do, whether it is in terms of clothes or artwork. The inspirations of these designs come from personal memories as well as what other people can relate to and associate with. I want my designs to have that personal touch where people can resonate with them and form a bond - it is definitely a conscious effort while creating any new range."

Param Sahib

The brand has quite a few plans for the coming future including some interesting capsule collaborations in the pipeline

"Two of our big collaboration drops were estimated to happen just before the lockdown got initiated which lead them to be put on hold. However, we are looking at a tentative launch around September end - so definitely stay tuned for that!"

Param Sahib

The label, apart from apparel, has also previously ventured into footwear and accessories with capsule drops of intricately embroidered jutti's and boots, statement sunglasses with detailed surface ornamentation, and funky earrings as well. On plans to further expand the brand into other avenues, Sahib continues,

"As of now, I want to focus on and master the art of apparel. We have already started delving into shoes and accessories and adding them to our brand as well. But to venture entirely into a different zone and product line - I think we still have time for that. I'm taking it as it comes. But the idea of creating the brand into more of a lifestyle approach, where it's not just about the clothes but how you live, your space as well, is definitely on my mind as a long term vision."

Param Sahib

The brand philosophy centers around "Being Vocal For Local" and promoting the "Make In India" initiative as well. Sahib works with local embroidery craftsmen for his pieces further promoting the ideology of giving rise to domestically produced, Indian crafted goods.

"There is no dearth of talent in India. There are brands here that are equally as talented as ones you can find all over the world and people are finally beginning to realise the need to promote homegrown, local Indian brands. We have been behind the "Vocal for Local" ideology and sustainability since the beginning. It is the only way forward."

Param Sahib

Sahib further elaborates,

"Magazines and publications are a platform that truly help promote such brands. For example, if Indian magazines, in a year dedicated even half of their issues to curating and empowering local brands and voices it would make a world's difference."

Param Sahib

With an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to producing their garments, the label makes pieces you can flaunt with a clear conscience.

"We recycle all the fabrics that we use. We make sure to follow a strict zero-waste policy while producing our pieces. Even if it is not 100% yet, I can surely say that it is 90% waste-free. I personally look into it to make sure we are creating as sustainably and mindfully as possible so that the left-over fabrics and embroidery swatches can be recycled and re-used."

Param Sahib

On what the current culture and community mean to him, Sahib states,

"I think for me it would be being able to erase the borders and tags that surround every one of us. I don't want to be known by just one thing. We are all an amalgamation of several different facets and should not be categorised by just the most prominent or obvious one. Culture should mean being able to coexist without any limitations or notions. To believe in the goal of a new-age India, with each one of us growing in tandem is the epitome of community."

Param Sahib

Check out the latest collection on the brand's official Instagram page.

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