Natty Garb: Big, Bold and Experimental

Natty Garb: Big, Bold and Experimental

Vivid and bold, Natty Garb's take on the street silhouette is all about that jazz . Read on to catch up on the seasons' hottest streetwear label.

As the streetwear scene in the Indian subcontinent rises in ranks, different versions of street silhouettes mark the runway. Offering a stunning menagerie of contemporary fashion in the street garment genre is NATTY GARB.

Strutting his ensembles beyond the Indian runway and streets is founder of Natty Garb, Rishabh Chadha who is championing the street silhouette market. Natty Garb stands out to be a premium streetwear brand that relies on the urban Indian setup when it comes to artistic influence.

Getting candid about the label, Rishabh reveals he had his fashion revelation while being a student at NIFT, New Delhi. Starting off as an avid blogger that engaged in conversation surrounding men’s style, he steadily infused his own garments into the blogging scenario and gradually found his niche audience. Upon foraying into the world of designing, the creative launched his premium street label – Natty Garb and there’s been no looking back ever since.

"It all started in 2017 when my senior told me to start blogging in menswear. I incorporated by passion for designing leather accessories with my blogging medium and started selling my own garments eventually. Eventually in 2019 I decided to launch my own label and cater to the consumer market."

Rishabh Chadha

In terms of the brands ethos, the label seems to enrapture its demographic almost immediately. Harbouring a distinctive visual language that make heads turn, the label is keen to prove its mettle in all aspects of the street culture. Rishabh reveals that his key mantra of focusing on the content rather than the hype is what defines his clothing range and helps it thrive. Being guided by influential minds of the industry in the direction of keeping up with the trends, the designer mentions that his creative energies evolve with time and adapt to the zeitgeist to create what suits the best for the present world.

Delving into experimenting with aesthetics and mediums to help the brand evolve with the new normal, the label’s recent collection was solely digital and showcased detailed illustrations of actual garments. Explaining the ideation and execution of the entire campaign, Rishabh mentioned that the idea of a digitised campaign stemmed as a measure to cope with the limitations that the pandemic brought with it. With no means of hiring a studio, planning an elaborate photoshoot and scouting for all other supplementary elements, the designer resorted to working with and illustrator and what came as a result of the effort took the Internet by a storm.

"We first developed the sample pieces physically, understood their nature and then got around to rendering the visuals of the same, while trying our best to retain the physical look and feel of the garments through the graphical representation."

Rishabh Chadha

While the pandemic settled a low blow to the commercial aspect of the fashion industry, the designer revealed that Natty Garb as a whole has evolved during 2020, in terms of vision and understanding the taste and liking of the average Indian buyer.

As of now Natty Garb showcases its striking collection in India as well as Dubai. The designer who had the fortune of showcasing his collections at Milan Fashion Week as well as Paris admits that there is a heightened sensibility towards the street genre of fashion in recent times. While the International clientele seem more open to unorthodox and quirky garbs, the Indian scene seems to be catching up as well.

"I personally feel that the opportunity to showcase at Milan and Paris fashion week has been a pivotal point for me as a creative. I got to showcase my grad collection in Milan as I won a competition in India which sponsored my collection there. It was one of the coolest experiences. The International market teaches you where you stand in terms of fashion and how viable your content is in the global scenario."

Rishabh Chadha

Talking about the label’s unusual name, Rishabh exclaims that his best friend coined Natty Garb as a cool nickname for the designer, as it aptly describes him and his flair for fashion - the term Natty Garb quite literally means unusual clothing.

The label’s primary elements according to the dynamic designer are fusion, experimentation, personalised story-telling conveyed through immense attention to detail reflected in garments that tend to stand out. Each and every piece that goes out for the world to see, comes with a personal narrative in the form of surface ornamentations, be it the vision of the creative director, the designers or anyone and everyone involved in the process of actualising a sketch to reality.

Telling us more about the ideation and creative process, the designer opened up about the strive to be different than what already exists. Following the path of authenticity, the label works towards subjecting their inspirations under a great deal of research, and further developing a personal take on the same through the use of experimental graphics.

"A lot of our graphic work comes through just exploration and experimentation. We aren't restricting our thoughts to us, we are commercialising them creatively."

Rishabh Chadha

Interestingly enough, when asked to reveal his favourite pièce de résistance till date, Rishabh revealed that he's yet to release it ! He shrugs off the concept of a favourite piece or collection as he emphasizes on the fact that every piece created has its own unique story and the artists' touch going into it.

The future seems to be all bright and brimming with potential for the upcoming label. With plans of fusing digital illustrations along with physical shoots to hone the brand's aesthetic, the designer reveals there certainly are potential collaborations in the books!

Imbibing the essence of an ambrosial culture in modern day garb, the label considers the culture an important ingredient when it comes to dishing out ideas and art that represents the current fashion climate.

"The cultural stronghold on artists is invincible and needs to be celebrated, while there are many who strive to promote it , I work to keep it alive. My idea of culture is somewhat cyclical in the sense that different interpretations and translations measure through in its own way with trends of the past making its way back and forth and I think that what keeps the balance of it all going."

Rishabh Chadha

Head over to Natty Garb's Instagram to check out the season's coolest street grabs that will definitely make your wardrobe stand out.

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