MIRCHI KOMACHI - A Desi Take On Streetwear

MIRCHI KOMACHI - A Desi Take On Streetwear

This fresh new aesthetic curated and designed by Yoshiko Inoue, the powerhouse behind Mirchi Komachi, is the new-age, desi streetwear label your wardrobe needs.

Breaking the monotone of quintessential street fashion, Mirchi Komachi (stylised MIRCHI KOMACHI) is an innovative venture that was born with the idea to fill the world with a rather fresh take on street wear.

Drawing meaning from both Indian and Japanese dialects, the name MIRCHI KOMACHI, stands for an edgy, confident and beautiful woman much like the lady behind the brand, Yoshiko Inoue, herself.

Born and brought up in Japan, Inoue has been involved in the process of making clothes ever since she was 11. Graduating from a fashion college and mastering the craft of pattern making, Inoue’s dream job involved working somewhere other than her home. After working in a fashion house based in Japan, she received an offer from a Mumbai based non fashion centric firm, and hence began her journey in India.

While working, Inoue realised that a lot of wardrobe staples that she could access easily in Japan, weren’t readily available or prevalent in India. Giving the example of certain classic jacket silhouettes, the designer discloses how she decided to incoporate Indian fabrics and textiles to create the uncommon pieces, with the initial intention of aiding her own wardrobe. This eventually lead to the broader idea of Indianised street fashion pieces, laying the foundation for what is now MIRCHI KOMACHI.

When it comes to the creative process involved in the making of the garments, Inoue explains that her designs are rather comfortable, and are meant for people to use in their day-to-day lives. She keeps away from devising revolutionary pieces, and tweaks the common yet scarcely available oriental silhouettes, giving them an Indian twist. Her designs are quite a conversation starter, thanks to the use of quirky and mischievous elements.

Inspiration is an important aspect of any creative process, and Yoshiko’s designs have some incredible starting points. Along with the use of visual aids like movies and art, the most recent addition to her inspirations has been satire.

Inoue’s fascination with Indian textiles and techniques is quite evident when it comes to her designs. Brave and young individuals, artists who possess the power to speak up encourage the designer to incorporate the qualities in her designs and visual representation. She also mentions how children in Japan inspire her in the ways that they wear what they feel like, in order to express themselves.

While being an apparel label, MIRCHI KOMACHI puts a lot of special focus on Womxn Empowerment, which is clearly expressed through the brand’s tagline, ‘Chalo Ladies, the World is ours’.

Doing the most in order to uplift women and their spirits, Inoue believes that with gradual growth, her brand aims to amplify the drive to bring about a change. She plans to incorporate and collaborate with more and more womxn artists in the future, while promoting the use of indigenous crafts and textiles.

“Feminism and gender inequality have been the biggest concern since my teenage days. Before coming to India, I dreamt of contributing to underprivileged women, for them to become financially independent, to do what they want and go where they want."

Yoshiko Inoue

"But while living in India, it was then that I saw a much harsher stage of the patriarchy suffered by womxn throughout the different starts and classes. Womxn expressing themselves in terms of their outfits and clothing statements is already a struggle in such a society, so I knew that if I were to make a clothing brand, it would also be a world/community where womxn and their choices and statements are celebrated and supported. I want to be a part of the movement to destabilise this class patriarchy.”

Yoshiko Inoue

Loaded with multiple interesting pieces, the brand is gearing up for a few new drops real soon. The designer has been developing prints for her creations, and hopes to collaborate with visual artists and illustrators to bring a new perspective to her designs.

She also mentions that her favourite creation up until now has been a set of Khadi Biker Jackets that were created using an exquisite blend of Khadi with various colours and surface ornamentation.

Khadi Biker Jacket
Khadi Biker Jacket

The word culture holds a different stance in every person’s mind. When asked about the same, Inoue has a rather idealist point of view.

"Culture in the context of clothing is something I want to push forward, in the sense of an atmosphere where different people wear different things and try new things to express themselves better. In a way where other people focus on and praise/encourage the individuality and uniqueness of it all and not necessarily just the 'beauty' aspect of it."

Yoshiko Inoue

She further elaborates,

"Currently India, it is going in the opposite direction, where conventional beauty and aesthetics are given more importance than individuality. I want to express these thoughts and the way I feel across all mediums (clothes, social media contents, events, etc.) to be able to create a culture which I long for."

Yoshiko Inoue

Being one of its kind, the brand has been laying foundation for a multifaceted change in the visual library of street fashion in the country. The nurturing and empowering tone of the brand is going to create a whirl of strength and self expression sooner than one can expect. Check out some brilliant wardrobe essentials on MIRCHI KOMACHI's official website.

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