MAD Paris - Redefining Individuality Through Luxury

MAD Paris - Redefining Individuality Through Luxury

This independent luxury watch customiser, personalises your favorite timepiece to bring out the best in you.

Personalising a timeless watch to your own taste, sounds exciting right? When asked about the inspiration behind MAD Paris, founder Pierre Lheureux replied, "The idea was to have a watch that is different from the rest. As watch collectors, we were starting to get bored of always buying the same watches. This is where the idea of customisation came from. Having a quality watch, from a recognised brand, but with our own touch on it that makes it unique."

Taking cues from the aeronautics and the automobile industry, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) naturally became the MAD Paris signature material used as an unalterable treatment that is ideal for customising any watch.

The establishment now stands out as the crème de la crème amongst the horological customisers in the industry. The dexterity of their craft knows no bounds, from engravings, carvings and frames as well as bas-reliefs and settings that can be tailored to your taste with utmost precision.

The process involves the watch being completely dismantled and the tiny mechanical parts washed, polished, brushed or sandblasted before being coated. After disassembling, the pieces are then put in a specialized vacuum chamber that controls the coating process. After preheating, a gas is released into the chamber that covers the pieces of the watch completely. The whole process is known as “ionic pulverisation”.

Some of the most notable work done by MAD Paris includes Virgil Abloh’s blacked-out Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726, which was completely coated in diamond-like carbon with the creative director's signature quotation marks around the brand’s name. The entire process took over two months to complete!

Other beguiling works of craftsmanship by MAD Paris include Rolex DateJusts, Rainbow Sapphire Daytonas with ornate floral details, baguette studded Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks and iced out Richard Milles.

From ultra-luxury to fun and quirky, MAD Paris has done it all. Their collaboration with Parisian boutique Colette has given us a glimpse of the latter which is an outlandish take on the Rolex Milgauss.

Labelled as the “Who Cares” edition, the watch couples a bracelet and a stainless steel case with a custom dial marked, “Who cares, I’m already late” text and an offhand jumble of numbers in Colette’s signature blue shade, same as the Rolex crown logo.

Limited to just five individually numbered pieces, this watch is available in-store and online for $18,200 USD (a real bargain when compared to the fact that a MAD Paris watch can set you back as high as $471,000 USD!) One can visit Mad Paris stores across the globe in Beijing, Hong-Kong, New York, Saint Barthélémy, Singapore, Seoul, LA, Munich, London and many more.

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