Kanye Bridges The Gap

Kanye Bridges The Gap

The rapper-singer steps in to the save the day with a brand new Yeezy-Gap partnership announcement. Read on to learn more about the fashion icon and his contribution to the new venture.

When it comes to Kanye, it’d be safe to say he possesses the power to turn dormant volcanoes active. The man has the inane ability and want to change perceptions of products that aren't considered 'in'.

During his "College Dropout" years, Yé pulled off preppy polo sweatshirts, rugby striped pullovers, and baggy jeans and made the once dismal pieces, low-key fashion statements.

Kanye’s bold choices and impeccable confidence have over the years made him stand out as a pioneer in breaking the mould. From revolutionising the concept of a Pink polo shirt - pink was not usually associated with "the hood" and rocking the colour with the preppy silhouette so openly could severely hurt one’s image - the artist proves he is the trendsetter of his generation.

He goes on to further reference and wear the now famous fashion statement in several of his songs and music videos.

All Falls Down (The College Dropout), Barry Bonds (Album: Graduation; “And I’m doing pretty hood in my pink Polo”), Touch The Sky (Album: Late Registration; “Back when they thought pink Polos would hurt the Roc”) all contain lyrical references and images of him wearing pink polo shirts which lead to the pieces becoming highly popular.

Kanye has also previously delved into the "grunge" wave - ripped sweaters & denims, long line tees and boots redefined the subculture and inculcated the iconic fashion statements into pop culture through a whole new amalgamated aesthetic of his own. It’d be safe to say that Kanye’s fashion quotient is a sweet spot between "Hood" and "Hollywood".

With the rapper officially making the once underrated trends "cool" again fashion enthusiasts and fanatics flocked the retail racks in an effort to cop the pieces and feel "Kanye approved".

Kanye went on to make chunky sneakers aka "dad shoes" the talk of the town. The staple 80s - 90s shoe silhouette became a must-have addition for any fashion-forward wardrobe. With the Yeezy Boost 700s, the YEEZY-inspired Ozweegos and other ranges, Kanye switched this trend further up a notch.

With the latest news just in, the cultural icon, is yet again trying to revive a brand that has lost it’s charm and appeal over the years.

With a 10-year YEEZY-GAP apparel (life)line, Kanye is ready to resurrect the once-popular American retail brand. This new partnership furthers the rappers agenda and vision of breaking the exclusivity barrier and making fashion available and accessible to all.

”Exclusivity is the new n-word. Because nothing should be exclusive. Everyone should have an opportunity to drink from the same fountain.”

Kanye West

People have shown overwhelming response to the deal and for this fresh venture, Kanye has hired British-Nigerian designer, Mowalola Ogunlesi as the Design Director of the brand.

What makes the project all the more special is the fact that Kanye has worked for Gap in Chicago during his youth, where he also had the chance to work under the brands’ Creative Director at the time, Patrick Robinson.

Addressing the fact, the global head for the brand commented:

“We are excited to welcome Kanye back to the Gap family as a creative visionary, building on the aesthetic and success of his YEEZY brand and together defining a next-level retail partnership.”
Mark Breitbard, Global Head of Gap.

In light of these events, Kanye even went on to cover the entire Chicago GAP store in a handwritten message that reads,

If anything, this message shows that Kanye has dedicated a lot of his energy to this project and has complete intentions of sticking to his earth-toned colour palette and keeping up with his strikingly tactful minimalism.

It is still too soon to draw a conclusion as to what may actually come out of the new venture, but we sure are excited. Gap's shareholders are excited as well. On the day of the announcement, GAP's shares surged 25% in one trading session and analysts expect it to rise a further 30% in the upcoming months.

The first Yeezy-Gap drop is expected to roll out in the first half of 2021. But if we’ve learned anything in the past, it’s that Ye can surprise-drop the collection anytime he wishes. Watch this space for more.

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