Inculcating Values In Apparel With Culture Cultivation

Inculcating Values In Apparel With Culture Cultivation

Redefining the zeitgeist with every exquisite release, Culture Cultivation is an up and coming name in the contemporary league of fashion in India and beyond. Read on to know more about the label.

Often perceived with the rigor of shallowness and superficiality, the fashion industry all over the world has had its fair share of receiving the good cop-bad cop treatment. With changing times and evolving mindsets, the positive acceptance has gradually gone up, owing to the consistent and collaborative effort of creators and consumers. Attesting to the notion of apparel being more than just technical construction, and using it as a medium to cater and connect with the society, CULTURE CULTIVATION is a coming of the age label that serves beyond the need of an aesthetic wardrobe.

Coming through in 2017, enriched with years of experience, the label is the brainchild of Josh Goraya, a multitalented artist who is a NIFT graduate. Prior to incepting CC, Goraya worked with the illustrious team at Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna for 6 years, established his namesake label “Josh Goraya” and finally started building CULTURE CULTIVATION. Enriched with an exemplary academic and professional background, Goraya’s ideologies come through a contemporary amalgamation of radical modernism and traditional ethics.

“When I started my creative journey, fashion or clothing wasn’t really the motivation but eventually, it became the medium for me to ride the waves. What struck me the most was that among all objects of design, our clothes are the most universal and intimate.”

Josh Goraya

Thinking beyond the usual and working towards the greater, the ideologies that the label so religiously follows are massively community oriented. More than often, in order to create and cater for a niche, labels and creative individuals unknowingly bifurcate and create sub-sections. Chiming towards breaking these and serving a higher agenda, Goraya tells us that the label wishes to contemplate fashion as a way of connecting masses and provide a facility to the society.

“Apparel here runs with a bigger agenda. The agenda is to produce good quality clothing at honest prices. And, to be an overall empathetic enterprise with regards to responsibilities towards societal and green issues.”

Josh Goraya

Emphasising on the collective growth that comes into existence when every single artist or a creator works towards it in the form of their work, Goraya tells us that this process fundamentally contributes towards a bigger picture – cultural evolution and inspiring and cultivating ideas for the future creative individuals. This underlying thought has led to the nomenclature of the label.


“I believe the whole existing art and design community is basically fostering a culture; we all are cultivators contributing to that cultural growth and designing clothes is no different.”

Josh Goraya

The first glance at the brand's product carousel brings to one the sense of static simplicity collaborating with tasteful apparel and unambiguous presentation. Telling us more about the distinctive visual style and design language, Goraya mentions that the brand works towards incorporating the societal zeitgeist while envisioning any piece of work. Reflecting on the today and translating it in the form of apparel, while being inspired by anything and everything; the label doesn’t cater to genre related name calling, but is simply making clothing that transcribes from the bottom of the creator’s heart.

Quoting the esteemed Canadian Futurist Doug Stephens, “No one needs your product… they do, however, need how and why you sell it”, Goraya turns towards the technical and materialistic aspect of the label and its offerings. Mentioning the fashion industry’s unhealthy obsession with the best designs, revolutionary fabrics, utmost quality, efficiency without a care for all the repercussions it brings forth ecologically, Goraya tells us that CULTURE CULTIVATION is aiming towards breaking this chain with conscious and limited productions. Unlike the mainstream, the label doesn’t adhere to the seasonal regime of bringing out collections, but does so all through the year as and when ideas strike and are manifested in material reality.

“As a brand, CC® aims to design evocative ready-to-wear staples with a singular focus towards upright quality. The core aesthetic is the amalgamation of everything and anything that inspires us. CULTURE CULTIVATION is an attempt in pursuit of a scheme that’s bigger than the individual.”

Josh Goraya

Harbouring a rather diverse range of apparel ranging over 5 Editions, Goraya claims that his most cherished piece of work till date has been The Hand knitted hoodie with CC® artwork from the ‘Fourth Edition’. Being the only clothing item from the label that is free of any machine’s touch, the jacket is made 100% with the work of hands.

Telling us about the future plans, Goraya mentions that the label is working towards delving into a wider product range other than fashion apparel. Attesting to the current times and the exponential range of collaborations working out these days, the creator also says that CULTURE CULTIVATION is always open to ideas and their conversion into products.

CC® Colour Block Trucker
CC® Colour Block TruckerCulture Cultivation

Staying true to the essence of their name and the ethos, the label translates culture with a communalised vocabulary.

“Culture to me is what you are thinking, what I’m thinking and what everyone around us is thinking. It is how we feel deep down in our hearts and perceives our lives. At CULTURE CULTIVATION we try to come up with product offerings for each and everyone; through CC® we want to convey the message of collective involvement and the sense of community. We believe, as a method of social work community initiatives can infuse positivity in the lives of many people in the populace through their collective involvement. We want CC® to be recognized as a community initiative, bringing everyone closer and together.”

Josh Goraya

Power packed with a narrative that stands out and apparel that speaks for itself, CULTURE CULTIVATION's attempt at amplifying involvement with the community has been rather well received by the Internet and beyond. Head over to the label's website and take a closer look at the label's offerings!

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