High On Streets with HOSwear

High On Streets with HOSwear

The perception of street wear as a once niche market is being redefined by HOSwear. Read on to learn more about the brand's take on the streetwear scene in India and its contribution to it.

Nothing explains fashion’s gripping hold on the culture than the growing streetwear mania attracting the attention of enthusiasts who are on the hunt for the Next Big Thing. Fanning the flames of the much-hyped streetwear culture and community in India is the label HOSwear.

An upcoming street-wear label on the rise, HOSwears success story is accredited to its founder and creative director, Akashdeep Rawat.

With a background in fashion and a driving ambition to shake up the Indian fashion scene, Rawat’s label marries the elements of contemporary culture with street metaphors and his early experiences with the street life and the culture reflect in his artistic vision as well.

"I have always been influenced by the streets, its culture, and the aura. No wonder, after studying fashion I wanted to create something for and by the streets."

Akashdeep Rawat

Aptly named High On Streets (HOS), the label aims to be the go-to wardrobe pick for the cool kids on the block. Based in Delhi, the street-wear label’s vision and aesthetic boil down to crafty detailing that speaks out to a varying demographic of fashionistas, from the outdoorsy kid who isn’t afraid to kick around in the dirt to the urban cool youth living the city life. Hoswear has something for everybody and with silhouettes that ooze authenticity and a fresh take on casuals, it makes unisex clothing all the more appealing.

"I feel there’re a lot of these minuscule originals out there who recite their stories with their originality alone. And this is pretty much what I want my creations to talk about."

Akashdeep Rawat

Connecting with stories and a sense of aesthetic that bolsters the youth of the nation, the label wants to inculcate inclusivity and affordability that will boost an era of the young and free.

"We are pretty much glad to be a part of this ongoing street scene in India and are happy doing our bit. We want our stories to be heard, liked, and featured by the youth which we feel are the vital element of the streets. We aspire to make it affordable for the marginalized youth from urban towns to help them jam along in this very novice street scene in the country. Also, at HOS we keep our creations raw and original as much, so they can be perceived well as they exist in real life."

Akashdeep Rawat

Delving into the brand's creative process, Rawat reveals that the narration of the streets and its elements is of primary focus while emboldening the buyers’ sense of style and story through enigmatic silhouettes that are crafted with top-notch fabrics.

"One thought which stays along while scouting for or creating with HOS is a raw unfiltered impression of the streets with a visual and sonic vocabulary that is one of a kind.

Akashdeep Rawat

Blessing our explore feeds on the regular with the hottest drops and uber-cool campaigns, the label’s collections are headlined by some unabashedly bold prints and funky silhouettes. Among the several street-wear drops that the label has delivered, the vintage denim street campaign is the designer’s favorite pick that features custom art as well.

Looking at the bigger picture and the brand’s focus on making it big in the ever-expanding streetwear scene, the future seems rather exciting for the label. With big plans of creating a consistent buyer base that agrees with the brand's amalgam of urban style with comfort, expanding the creative team, and putting a foot forward for new collaborations, the label aims to be the ultimate street-wear fix-up.

Streetwear being considered the democracy of contemporary fashion aims to carry the pulse of the current times and the inevitable cultural shift that continues to unfold. As an up and coming label carving its own niche in the industry, the cultural cook-up reflects in the brand's agenda and creative vision as well.

"We’ve already spoken enough about our zeal for street culture and would gladly reiterate again that considering the naive stage in which apparently the streetwear scene is in India is right now, we certainly aspire to take it a step forward by creating affordable high on streets for the youth. Not missing a moment picking up on the smallest details and swirling them in our creations providing an immaculate connect to our buyers for their passions."

Akashdeep Rawat

Head on over to HOSwear's official Instagram to check out the season's trendiest must haves.

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