Give Your Credit Card A ‘Cover Story’ It Deserves

Give Your Credit Card A ‘Cover Story’ It Deserves

This Indian startup gives your swipes a personalised twist. Read on to know more about the company that customises skins for all your card necessities.

Customising things we own defines our styles, tastes and personalities. In todays day and age, DIYing and personalising everyday items like sneakers, watches, cars, and even our bodies with tattoos, is the new rage. So why not customise the one thing that pays for it all?

Debit and Credit card usages along with various other digital methods of payment have been on the rise in the country. More and more millennials are switching to card transactions each day, and if there’s one thing that stands out about millennials - it’s their personalised products.

With a wide array of digital accessories that can be customisable, be it phone covers or laptop sleeves - card skins and holders are the new, must-have accessory. We have previously seen luxury brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc and more, delve into designing card holders, but credit/debit card skins is a territory that has not been explored in detail yet.

The idea makes simple cards into something unique and fun with the option of changing designs anytime. The concept adds a dash of personality to your expenditures and "The Cover Story" is one of the brands behind bringing this new culture wave to India recently.

Based in Mumbai, The Cover Story was initially founded by sisters, Ankita and Shiwangi Singh in 2016. Inspired by the suggestion of a friend living in Australia about a trend of customisable card designs, Ankita conceptualised the idea of card skin overlays and stickers. Previously focused on selling phone accessories such as covers, cases and pop sockets, the brand is currently focusing on producing card skin and is working on making the accessories accessible, nation-wide.

"I thought the idea of these customisable card skins seemed very cool and wanted one for myself. I tried looking for them but couldn't find anything very similar in India, so I decided to include it in our product line. It was during the lockdown that I finally started finalising on designs and means to go about them, and now here we are!"

Ankita Singh, Founder - The Cover Story

The designs are digitally printed on to overlay adhesive skins that stick to the card and are easily removable, making sure the cards are not damaged and designs can be changed as often as one wants.

I’ve always had designs and products that Millenials and Gen Z audience would prefer. I’ve been told by a lot of my friends that I’m limiting my market by doing so and that these designs are for a niche market. But I think otherwise, the community in that age group is so vast that I disagree with it being niche. Its for a younger generation no doubt, but that's how we like it. It's a very big community to be a part of!"

Ankita Singh, Founder - The Cover Story

The brand currently operates on an Instagram-only platform, but Singh reveals that there are plans to expand to an online website as soon as there are more products lined up.

The concept of customising transaction accessories such a chequebooks and credit/debit cards has existed in the west for quite some time, but it is finally making its way to India with such brands.

Check out the full range of card skins and accessories here.

Go ahead, swipe with style!

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