Exploring The Fashion Palette With  Krishen Riyat

Exploring The Fashion Palette With Krishen Riyat

Strutting around in the coolest fits of the season, Krishen Riyat is making heads turn by amping up the drip quotient. Read on to know more about the streetwear and fashion aficionado.

Spicing up our explore feed on the gram is the fresh faced Krishen Riyat, who’s immaculate drip has thousands of fashion enthusiasts in a frenzy. Paving his way up through the internet community of street culture influencers, Krishen’s fashion fits are to die for.

The 22 year old's tryst with fashion began while he was pursuing an engineering degree in the UK. Drawing heavy inspiration from the sea of suave that the English streets possess, Krishen was introduced to the world of street fashion and sneaker culture which further motivated him to dress better and hone his innate inclination for fashion.

The pandemic isolation period acted as a much-needed push for the young icon to put his fashion instincts to good use via the gram. A trusted source for fashion advice among his friends and family, Krishen inculcates an off duty aesthetic with quick and effective fashion hacks that strike a chord with keen fashion enthusiasts.

A poster boy for the luxe and literate jazz, he juggles his career as a full-time engineer and an Instagram influencer seamlessly.

In a conversation on his evolving sense of style, Krishen reveals that his debut to the gram is barely a few months old. Despite it all, he seems to have slowly found his niche in terms of expressing his personal sense of style through fun reels and OOTD posts that get the audience buzzing.

"I’ve only been on the platform for a few months now. Initially it was just pictures from my archive, but now I specifically shoot content with a story and my take on a fit. Which is why my grid has started to look much more coherent."

Krishen Riyat

A fresh and minimalist take on street-wear, he mixes and matches hues and silhouettes in accordance of his personal take on the latest trends and must have kicks of the season.

When it comes to imparting advice on how to break through in the fashion area, his hot take is to stray away from the noise and pinpoint what your style really is. It goes beyond simply copying a fit and delving deep into a sense of style that resonates with one’s authentic self rather than being a complete rip-off.

The fashion creative sums up his go-to style as elevated basics, simple earthy tones, comfortable but fitted clothes.

"This might sound cliche but being yourself is the key. While there’s always going to be a bandwagon you’ll be tempted to jump on, it’s always better to add your unique spin to everything you do."

Krishen Riyat

Admitting to the growing onus on influencers to deliver content that agrees with the political and social atmosphere, Krishen also addresses the much-awaited wave of sustainable fashion that’s soaking in its moment under the sun.

"I’m totally for the sustainable wave, it’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the top polluting industries. However, it’s quite promising to witness brands like Levis taking in old denim and opting to recycling and refurbish fabrics. For me personally, Thrifting and up-cycling is something I swear by."

Krishen Riyat

Addressing the future, he reveals a few exciting projects and fashion-oriented collaborations are in the pipeline. Aside from his boyish charm and immaculate fashion sense, the fashion creative also possesses a passion for music and magic as well.

"While many people aren’t aware of this, producing music as a teen was one of my early creative outlets. I used to DJ under the name of Quiztech along with my friends. I also dabble in magic quite a bit. But on a serious note, I really hope to kick-start my music career in the coming future."

Krishen Riyat

Vouching for the culture and giving back to it is an integral role that influencers must adapt to. Strengthening the borderless connect between the internet culture in term of fashion and the viewer demographic, Krishen Riyat aims to influence the culture for the better.

"Culture, to me infuses a diverse lot of people and their unique stories.With the rising wave of street-wear in the Indian scene, I want to write my own chapter in it.My contribution to the culture consists of collectively upping the community’s sense of expression and aesthetic through the medium of fashion."

Krishen Riyat

Head over to Krishen Riyat's Instagram to cop some inspo for some of the sleekest street fits.

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