Embracing Chaos Through Wearable Art Is PHUE

Embracing Chaos Through Wearable Art Is PHUE

In a world full of chaos, creating stories out of them is PHUE, a homegrown brand tapping into maximalist sensibilities in their garments to embrace the unrest of today's years.

“Chaos isn't a pit, chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again, the fall breaks them." This infamous dialogue of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones has been subverted by the ideology of the label, PHUE (Power of Hue) that sees it more than just a disruptive force.

In a world full of chaos, creating stories out of them is the core pillar of the maximalist fashion house PHUE.

All actions & parts required to make the brand come together are guided by her principles, says the founder of the brand Panya Gupta who thinks consistency is the key. Her aesthetic is a consequence of experimentation, failure & reinvention, the root of which lies in perseverance to do something different, something personal.

Panya, who hails from New Delhi talks about her conventional education at a fashion school in addition to self-schooling and how that helped her mold the brand she runs today. She explains how as a child, she used to visit art galleries with her parents and get besotted by the strokes, textures and the colors she was surrounded by and how this pushed her to make something of her own.

Talking about her brand, she says, "PHUE as a brand is about indulgence, not about material aspects, but rather about experiencing everything that the world offers and living life to the fullest. PHUE’s garments are a visual treat for its consumer."

Everything about PHUE's garments is about finding the perfect balance amidst the chaos. She explains, “Art is personal, but Design is subjective, and the idea is to strike a balance between the two.” Maximalism is highly misunderstood, her vision is to use mayhem and find meaningful stories within it. Through PHUE, Panya aspires to convert mayhem into significant pieces of art. Maximalism can also be interpreted as a celebration of life, embracing the aesthetic of "more is more". PHUE then in a way embraces the unrest of today's years.

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry today, but it’s also a required step to decrease the carbon footprint of the clothing we manufacture. In the same spirit, PHUE is also trying to row in the same boat but as a small business, faces significant obstacles in doing so. Panya says, “PHUE as a brand will never promise something that they can't deliver."

Building on the same, she explains how PHUE cannot guarantee complete transparency in the business as they outsource raw materials from third parties. But PHUE divorces itself from the principles of fast fashion where new collections are constantly churned out and enormous discounts are offered, eventually leading to unethical practices.

In addition to trying to incorporate sustainability, PHUE is also moving towards size inclusivity. The brand’s last drop 'Phue for All' focuses on the concept of embracing the curves and cuts that make us. The concept stands in solidarity with the inclusion of all sizes in fashion whilst also throwing shade on fast-fashion brands who exclude certain body types or use the term under the facade of 'one for all.'

“All bodies deserve to adorn themselves with beautiful clothing that they believe in. We aim at doing the same.”

Talking about the future of the brand PHUE, Panya sees it growing by leaps and bounds, building its own market for itself and serving as an example for other emerging artists and designers to be ready to really express themselves and to seek acceptance in the practice of their craft.

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