Customising The Art Of Rug-Making The Extraterrestrial Way

Customising The Art Of Rug-Making The Extraterrestrial Way

Reflecting on the growing penchant for the long lasting affair between art and design, Olson Dsouza makes the art of custom rug-making super chic and personalised through his brand Extraterrestrial.

As the fashion world grows exponentially with every passing minute, the coming year is said to be an exciting time for design and decor. Nothing spruces up a space or your cosy little atelier like a custom made rug adding a dash of personal taste to the ambience.
Creating such custom rugs that reflect one's personal aesthetic in the form of vibrant and vivid designs is Olson Dsouza, a young creator from Mumbai.

Shrugging off mainstream fashion for the underground street culture, the young designer has been an avid follower of the hypebeast culture ever since he was a kid. Upon entering college, he decided to delve into this feeling of disconnect with the fashion market and channelled it into his uber cool label named ‘Extraterrestrial’ which kickstarted in 2017. The label’s ethos consists of handmade rugs that have an edgy appeal that seem to resonate with hundreds of budding streetwear aficionados around the country.

"As a kid I was never into fashion, but I did develop a love for sneakers at an early age. Since I've started this brand, I've only gotten more into it and I love this culture. Currently I'm only making custom rugs and not custom clothes. If you have something that's personal to you for e.g if you're a hypebeast or an anime fan or have a favourite artist, you can get a rug made for it. And since it's custom-made you can go crazy with it and have something which is very unique that only you have."

Olson Dsouza

Finding his niche has been quite a journey for the young designer, from figuring out the basics of rug making through the internet to countless trial and error attempts, the journey so far has been quite an eventful one. Gradually cementing his foothold among the audience and gaining traction through platforms like solesearchIndia, Extraterrestrial is truly paving the way for making rugs a fashion staple as well!

"My first Rug to blow up was a custom grey and black Murakami rug. A few orders here and there later, I started gaining recognition and since then the response has been great and quite encouraging!"

Olson Dsouza

Loud, expressive and aesthetic are words that Olson uses to describe his lucrative venture, claiming that his label’s ideation is a representation of his own artistic take rather than outer influences. Inclusive in its approach, the brand holds the primal focus on bringing personal ideas and taste to life in the form of vibrant rugs that are sure to levitate the oomph level of your living space instantly.

"My own personal style is influenced by a lot of artists, but my brand isn't influenced by anyone or anything particularly. It's just about what I think is cool and what I feel at the moment. Also there is no current aesthetic to it. It's totally raw."

Olson Dsouza

Interestingly enough when asked about his personal favourite design up till now, the artist reveals the initial T-shirts he dropped hold a special significance as the ideation process helped him chart his course when it comes to finding his creative inclination in the world of fashion.

In terms of the future, Dsouza is keen on expanding his fashion outreach, with cool custom clothing along with the rugs in the pipeline. Opting to mix business with pleasure, he claims to prioritise building a connect with the community along with collaborations with artists from all walks of life.

Upholding the culture by aiming to reach out to a wider demographic and sway them towards a new strain of experimenting with fashion and décor staples, Olson Dsouza dishes out his take on culture, stating,

"I'm not aiming for the hype culture. I'm aiming to be a part of the underground streetwear culture. Underground streetwear is still not popular in India to the masses right now, but it feels really good to see new brands coming up in the scene. I want to spread awareness about it. Because a lot of people want clothes that brands like us offer, but aren't aware. There isn't any current culture for it because everyone is busy doing their own thing in underground streetwear, as it should be in the start. But once it becomes a little popular, this is gonna be a culture that will be really personal to the people involved in it."

Olson Dsouza

Head over to Extraterrestrial's Instagram to cop some custom made rugs to amp up your design dreams.

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