Chinatown Market, Allbirds and Nicole McLaughlin Engage In a 3-Way Collab

Chinatown Market, Allbirds and Nicole McLaughlin Engage In a 3-Way Collab

Chinatown Market and Allbirds pair up with Nicole McLaughlin for a new collection in support of a noble cause.

The fashion industry is slowly but surely making moves towards a more mindful way of producing with several brands creating and collaborating on eco-friendly, sustainable collections.

Lately, we have seen collaborations across all sectors of fashion, be it sneakers, apparel, or even art. One such notable collab which took everyone by surprise was when streetwear label, Chinatown Market and sneaker brand Allbirds joined hands with DIY creator Nicole McLaughlin for a capsule collection supporting a good cause.

Chinatown Market is an LA based streetwear label famously known for their iconic smiley face graphic on their products, while San Francisco based Allbirds is known for making eco-friendly sneakers from wool and eucalyptus. An addition to this unique team is Nicole McLaughlin, a pioneer of the DIY design movement, who has created several interesting pieces from shorts made of beanies to a bra made from recycled juice boxes!

The collection features 6 one-off custom pieces that have been made using scrap material from Allbirds. The collection consists of a workman’s style vest (made using recycled sneaker uppers from Allbirds), two pairs of clog like slides with pockets, a beach chair and 3 cross-body bags (which feature the famous CTM smiley face).

The collection was auctioned on August 7th on CTM’s website and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Okra Project and the Sunrise Movement. Following the auction, CTM and Allbirds are planning to continue their joint venture with a series of IGTV videos on sustainable designs and DIY tips and tricks.

The venture will also turn into a competition that invites young creatives to submit their work with the winner receiving a two-week digital mentorship with the Allbirds and CTM creative teams.

With a good cause as the main inspiration along with providing a platform to give rise to new, talented, creative voices, this can easily be dubbed as one of the coolest collaborations of the year, so far.

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