Charting New Territories With SELFISH

Charting New Territories With SELFISH

Embracing the innateness that comes with various human behaviors, the streetwear sphere in India is seeing the rise of a new voice. Read on to know more about this exceptional label!

An introvert, usually categorised as quiet and reserved individuals, can commonly be seen straying away from loud and crowded environments often deflecting attention from themselves. While such individuals might not seem to say a lot, they definitely have a lot on their mind. In all the voices we hear and the representation we have seen up until date, barely anyone has been able to capture the introverted take - that is until the inception of this first of its kind label in India, called SELFISH.

Coming across SELFISH, a brand that celebrates introversion struck a personal chord with me and has been, by far, the most informative yet engaging clothing accounts I've encountered on social media. Being an introvert myself, nothing makes me happier than seeing a talented bunch from the tribe working towards expanding the bubble and emoting in the most aesthetic demeanour that brings out all the attributes of individuals like me with the least amount of dilution.

Staying true to the ethos of introversion, the label embodies their vision through clean, crisp and muted apparel, enriched with the tone of blissful solitude through their exemplary narrative. We caught up with Allen Claudius, one of the three founding introverts of SELFISH, to delve into the intricacies of the venture. A sneaker and streetwear enthusiast of the first order, Claudius is also the mind behind the illustrious Bowties and Bones Blog. Concerned about being well-turned out, Claudius found a natural inclination towards fashion and the creative world. Like many, the creative whiz also ventured out on the corporate path but the insatiable hunger to create was never topped by the societal norms of success and career progressions.

Telling us about the foundation of SELFISH, Claudius mentions that the process panned out when he joined the creative team at Stylabs, an innovations studio that deals with the various facets of fashion, tech and the retail industry. Spearheaded by Himanshu Sarda and Ajay Prabhu, Claudius joined the co-founders in the quest to develop the label once they came across his introverted self. The trio was working towards making something that talked beyond the quality of the product, and emoted higher values.

“We wanted to develop something that was beyond just “good quality” or “functional” product. We wanted to make things that spoke to our community. Introversion is underrated, and we wanted to cater to that emotion.”

Allen Claudius

Taking inspiration from collective experiences and the nuances of a concept that binds all of humanity together – the everyday life, the label strives towards making clothes that make the daily life easier. Keeping close with the facet of comfort through the apparel and working towards helping fellow introverts blend in rather than stand out, the label has restricted the tonality of their colour palette to muted versions, paired with embellishments that aren’t too loud.


The concept that the label operates on is definitely interesting, but what intrigued us the most is the nomenclature - the use of the word SELFISH, a term which is very commonly pitted with a negative energy. Explaining to us the reason behind the same, Claudius threw light on the benefits that come with being selfish in the rightful ways.

“Introverts are often considered to be selfish. We wanted to highlight the fact that introversion has its benefits, and there is nothing wrong with being SELFISH if it helps your mental health, or helps the society at large. Our language, what we talk about on our social media, and the ambassadors we (very selectively) choose to work with, follow the same ethos.”

Allen Claudius

The label recently brought forth Drop 0, which came with a simplistic yet impactful line of apparel featuring hoodies, tee shirts and trousers embellished with minimalistic surface ornamentations and snug technical details.

Telling us about his favourite pieces from the drop, Claudius juggles between the Murad Cargo and the 'Think About It’ tee, essentially owing the fondness to the stories behind the making and meaning of the creations. The Murad Cargo takes its name from the tailor who salvaged the best out of the prototype of the cargo pants, when the team wasn’t particularly happy with the way it had initially turned out. Claudius mentions sitting with Murad while he made alterations to the fit, length and fall of the bottoms to make them what they are now. As far as the 'Think About It' tee goes, the textual weight of the apparel makes it much more than just a simple tee shirt.

"Think About It" Tee
"Think About It" TeeSELFISH

“The tees are a great conversation starter. It also makes you stop and think about how introverts actually function, or their thought process. Add to it, the embroidered reinforcement on the inside of the hem, that eggs you on every time to put on the SELFISH tee.”

Allen Claudius

Talking about the future and the various plans in store for SELFISH, Claudius mentions that the label is working towards stepping out of infancy and inching closer to getting into a rotation of regular drops, which will soon be followed by organic collaborations with individuals that share the same aura and ideologies as SELFISH. The label is also intending on including accessories and home goods in the subsequent drops!

“One thing we are very conscious of is not doing things for the sake of it. For instance, SELFISH is based on introversion. Therefore no matter how lucrative a collaboration with someone “loud”, we would pass on it.”

Allen Claudius

Reflecting on the true essence of the word “culture”, Claudius elaborated on the vision for the same through a rather holistic point of view, which not only speaks of the spirit of the term, but also scratches at the roots of it.

“We want the Indian consumer to be proud of an Indian label. You know, unfortunately for our community, “culture” only resonates with “hype”. Nobody is to blame for that; I can appreciate the limitations with which we work. But we want the community to be that, a “community”. Inclusive. Supportive. Because to use the word culture, is nothing without the community. We want to make them conscious (a reason why we donate a tee to charity with every purchase they make), we want to make them look beyond changing trends and develop a personal style, discourage them from shopping irresponsibly by making products that last long (and thereby help the environment). Our packages are recycled and recyclable. Our products are made ethically. And we are just getting started.”

Allen Claudius

Bringing to the world more than just simple, minimal and muted apparel, SELFISH’s strive towards representing introverts in the truest light has garnered attention all over the internet and beyond. Head over to SLEFISH’s website and Instagram for a closer look at the DROP 0 and get yourself some introverted merchandise!

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