Advait: Embodying Art In Apparel

Advait: Embodying Art In Apparel

Unleashing a powerful blend of vibrant apparel full of artistic details and refreshing storytelling, Advait seizes the moment. Read on to gather insight into this upcoming indie label.

As we walk towards a more conscious and colourful approach to all things fashion, nothing hits a home run quite like the upcoming Indie label Advait.

The brainchild of Advaitha Ravishankar, a recent graduate from the London college of fashion, Advait stands to be a celebration of art and strives to incorporate a menagerie of colours brimming with artistic fervour into crisply tailored silhouettes.

The young designer who majored in fashion and textile design did not aim to settle into the vocation of a designer. However India’s tough market and a vision to create something artistically idiosyncratic led to the young creative launching her own label.

"I was looking for a job in textile and design but to no avail.So I just decided to take the leap of faith and start out with my own label , hoping people would like it."

Advaitha Ravishankar

Charting her own course, with a pocket full of hope and a head full of ideas, the designer delved into the exuberant Indian market making Advait, a nascent label, steadily gain recognition while it carves its own niche in the clothing sector.

Launching a brand right in the midst of a pandemic comes with its own shares of hurdles. However, for Advaitha, a creative work environment encompassing like-minded creatives helped her evolve artistically. When it comes to generating traction for Advait, the designer focused on establishing a rapport with her consumer base through interactive lives and Instagram ads, which helped catapult Advait into the public eye.

The label’s ethos of ‘life imitates art’ struck a chord with the average consumer looking for a balanced free flowing silhouette that touches upon the nuances of artistic subtlety as well as primal comfort wear.

A quick glimpse at the label’s Instagram gives away the artists’ inclination towards art and its intricacies flowing through the crisply tailored painsuits and maxi dresses that seem to dish out a kaleidoscopic celebration of vivid hues and surreal prints.

The label's collections are designed and produced in India by a small team of local craftsmen, that spin their magic into creating ethical silhouettes brimming with textures, prints, and local crafts. Instilling an environmentally conscious initiative, the label also uses eco-friendly dyes and fabric to churn out statement pieces that work well with the conscious consumer of this day and age.

Talking about what inspired her to create, Advaitha talks about how her artistic expression heavily draws upon the works and techniques of timeless artists like Matisse and Rembrandt.

"A free found expression that allows me to create my own aesthetic and in turn transferring my vision into wearable artsy silhouettes is what keeps me going. People are very quick to shrug off mainstream artists, however I find them especially inspiring. Creating something that is so widely like and appreciated is something I aim to achieve as well."

Advaitha Ravishankar

When asked about the creative process that the artist uses to bring her vision to life, Advaitha reveals that there’s no method to the madness! The artist lets her creative instincts take over, which ends up in her exploring different patterns, prints and hues. The result is always something that seamlessly stands out and portrays the designers flamboyant and experimental take on a silhouette.

On the topic of her most cherished work till date, the young designer revealed that the Willesden collection has been her most prized body of work.

"One piece of art that sticks close to my heart is the Willesden collection. It helped me figure out my aesthetic and also experiment with cooler art styles like collaging. The collection is also featured among our bestsellers. It gave me confidence to gain a more consistent vision and figure out my own style of art. It basically helped me find myself!"

Advaitha Ravishankar

With an exciting possibility of future collabs , Advaitha seems to welcome the idea of exploring other mediums of art in the future and diving into the genre of accessories and bags and adding her own twist to the contemporary utilitarian outlook on things.

Divulging on how culture and art go hand in hand the artist aims to leave her imprint on the current cultural wave.

"Culture for me is all about communication. An exchange of ideas, vision and opinions taking up the current climate and sphere of change.Culture aims to being people together and unearths unity in diversity. While it also stands to be subjective, with different takes and perspectives floating around. In the end, it provides us all the solace of belonging and finding our own meaning throughout the chaos of it all!"

Advaitha Ravishankar

Head over to the label's Instagram to rejoice in the celebration of a never before take on art and colour embracing the indie clothing scene!

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