ADK By Avishi Dayal Kalra: A Homegrown Streetwear Gem

ADK By Avishi Dayal Kalra: A Homegrown Streetwear Gem

ADK By Avishi Dayal Kalra is revamping the face of streetwear in India. Read on to know more about the brand and its journey to becoming a success.

Paving the path for progressive creative expression through her distinctive design language, ADK By Avishi Dayal Kalra is one of India’s leading streetwear labels.

A creative individual since her childhood, Kalra always aspired to be a fashion designer. Having grown up with a mother who was also a designer, Kalra was introduced to creative freedom at quite an early age. A fashion graduate from the Pearl Academy of Fashion, Kalra was a part of a scholarship exchange program that took her to Manchester, UK and the trip opened up a world of new experiences for her, seeking her out of her comfort zone, chasing life-changing opportunities.

Post graduation, Kalra worked with the design team at Adidas. While working at the sports and apparel label, Kalra’s team motivated her to dive deep into a venture where she would be able create her own designs, unleashing her full potential as a designer. At the age of 23, she started working towards her label, ADK.

Her first collection, 'Drop 1' featured a series of apparel inspired by construction work wear, with the use of reflective materials and bright fluorescent fabrics, giving birth to a visibly outspoken homegrown label.

Drawing inspiration from the most organic source, the streets, Kalra picks out stories from regular life scenarios as well as the various cultures and sub-cultures that co-exist in harmony. According to Kalra, Streetwear holds the power to instigate dialogue and start conversations, while being a medium of self-expression. A person’s choice of clothing tells a lot about what they stand for and how they think, thus holding the power to represent them, in a way.

The multivariate universe of materials also plays an integral role in directing the visual direction of the label by combining and juxtaposing elements with different physical and emotive qualities.

Following a rather orderly and traditional design process, Kalra has been continuing with the staple methodology that is taught in design schools, but enriching it with her personal design thinking . Starting from a point of inspiration and then building on it with the help of primary and secondary research, that stretches over a period of months, Kalra derives the base to start with and further delves into the intricacies like mood boards and colour boards, defining the entire creative process.

Talking about her favourite creations up until date, Kalra exclaims that all of her creations hold a rather special place in her heart, and deciding on one would be a difficult task. Having featured her first collection Drop 1 with Adidas Originals Nite Jogger, Kalra mentions the overwhelming response her team received for the brand’s first endeavour.

ADK’s latest release is a capsule collection inspired by the quirky characters from the famous 90's sitcom 'Friends'. The aim was to bring across the essence of the characters, without using the aesthetic they had already set. Kalra drew out the souls of the characters and used the traits to create apparel inspired by the iconic individuals.

Talking about the collection, Kalra says,

“I personally conceptualised and designed the whole collection, as well as the set up. This collection was shot on my very own friends. There was no stylist, no photographer and no make up artist present on the shoot. The approach was very DIY! The best part is that I shot this collection on an iPhone. Once again, we had the opportunity to work with Adidas Originals Superstar (a shoe that's iconic in itself) for this collection as our foot supporter, which made this even more special.”

Avishi Dayal Kalra

ADK’s designs have been cherished and adorned by stars of today’s pop culture ranging from the powerhouse Rajakumari and Gully Boy sensation Ranveer Singh, to name a few.

Resetting the brand’s approach and design process, ADK’s upcoming collection, Drop 2 will portray a newer, sporty aesthetic, drawing influences from the terrace-wear and skinheads sub-culture. With a rather fresh take on uniforms, the collection redefines the essence of football, in the ADK way. The brand is also working towards imbibing a more sustainable approach, promoting the process of preserving and passing down treasured pieces, which aims at effectively controlling consumption and waste generation.

The label also looks forward to collaborating with individuals and creators belonging to various professional strata, who do not shy away from pushing farther than the usual - ADK essentially aims at creating cultures guided by the expertise of creators, rather than mirroring it.

The designer collaborated with the visual and mural artist Sanskar Sawant over a capsule collection, featuring ADK’s designs and the Sawant’s elaborate art. Comprising of an active interaction between the dynamics of the space, the apparel by ADK and the pop colours, the project aimed at initiating a dialogue through the use of an artistic medium.

"Our ambition is about our ability to create a conversation with our audience. We want to lead the dialogue impacting today’s creative culture by constantly challenging our culture, pushing the creativity forward and breaking the boundaries that hold us back and challenging the status quo."

Avishi Dayal Kalra

When asked about her outlook towards the concept of culture, Kalra has a rather progressive and interactive outlook, further testifying her beliefs of streetwear and self expression.

"Culture holds several different meanings for different people. The credibility of ADK is rooted in living in culture. Culture is built on a foundation that idolizes a journey. As a brand we have the responsibility to inspire the community by constantly challenging our surrounding culture and challenging the status quo. We want to build a community, one voice with different tones with each unique chapter that focuses on the people, connection and passions that derive from culture and emotions. For me, each and everyone is a cultural statement."

Avishi Dayal Kalra

Straying away from the quintessential portrayal of streetwear, ADK By Avishi Dayal Kalra is instating a multifold meaning of culture and streetwear, which in the coming day will undoubtedly change the viewpoint, while cherishing the individuality of the concept and creation. Head over to ADK's Instagram for a detailed look at the Friends themed capsule collection!

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