A "Feisty" Approach To Customisation

A "Feisty" Approach To Customisation

This Goa based brand effortlessly merges art and fashion. Read on to know more about customisation atelier, Feisty Lu.

Fashion as an industry is constantly evolving, and a major sector partaking in this evolution is the concept of customisation. It is a way of bringing to life existing merchandise or pieces of clothing and making them truly personalised through unique and creative ideas.

Customisation has seen a considerable rise in India in recent times with several artists and designers driving the concept forward with new and interesting takes on stylising existing pieces. Initially popularised by the Sneakerhead community, this trend has crossed over to apparel labels and brands as well.

One such brand that uses clothing as their canvas is Feisty Lu. The customisation atelier is heavily inspired by street art and pop culture and slowly but surely, is making a mark for itself in the custom community.

Founded by Lianne Texeira Singh, a multi-faceted individual herself, the brand reflects who she is as a person - fearless, creative and full of spunk!

FTC caught up with the founder to know more about the up and coming brand and her plans for the future.

Having dabbled in several different work genres including modelling, acting and writing, Singh has been busy since she can remember. She tells us about her illustrious creative background.

"I’m a writer and artist. I graduated at Whistling Woods International Film School in Drama and completed my continual arts program in creative writing and fashion journalism at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I’ve acted in several ads and created/wrote India’s first fashion detective web series, Alisha for Blush channel aired on Hotstar and YouTube. Post this, I’ve taken my craft further and co-created and written my first female superhero graphic novel with IndusVerse comics that launched at ComicCon 2019 and was nominated for best comics and writer at ComicCon 2020."

Lianne Texeira Singh

Based primarily in Goa, Singh goes on to talk about the influence that the chilled out yet vibrant State has had on her label and the motivation behind starting Feisty Lu.

"My inspiration for the Feisty Lu label comes from my fine art background and my keen interest in fashion subcultures. The label's identity is local, vintage yet international so to find like-minded people here is a boon to me!"

Lianne Texeira Singh

"Goa is steadily becoming a major hub for arts and culture with its music, historic narrative, costume museums and the several indie art festivals that have put the coastal state on top of the list for an artist’s haven. The brand's distinctive style is Avante Garde and Goa is known for its hippie culture and experimental nature. It’s the best space for me to create!"

Lianne Texeira Singh

For any brand, a distinct visual identity and aesthetic that sets them apart from the rest, are very important. Having travelled a lot, Singh is familiar with street art and artists from across the globe. A music and film lover, she attests the spectrum of arts as her primary inspirations in creating bold new designs for her brand.

"Graffiti artists such as Stikki Peaches and Banksy inspire me with their unique niches. Since I love film and urban hip hop culture, that resonates in my work too, along with icons that have created history and changed perceptions of society like Frida Kahlo, Amrita Gill, Rekha - I absolutely love Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna. So from punk, vintage, sometimes even 'Kawaii' - anything that comes together and looks sick, I’m going to do it!"

Lianne Texeira Singh

In the creative industry, collaborations are key. With a couple of interesting collabs already under the belt, Feisty Lu is no stranger to partnering up to design and produce interesting creations. The founder discloses about some upcoming projects in the pipeline, as well.

"I’ve already collaborated on an awesome project with Levi’s customs and Homegrown’s Etsy collaboration for denim workshops and pop up shops. I’m currently working with selective brands that can relate to my style and give me the right platform."

Lianne Texeira Singh

Extremely popular amongst GenZ, customisation takes the need to personalise items and stand out in a crowd to a whole other level. As a result, the market for DIY culture, up-cycling old garments and a slower fashion cycle has expanded in recent times - a development that is charging forward in Indian pop culture, as well.

"GenZ is insanely selective with their style and appearances - and here I was thinking we millennials are demanding! Customised pieces are sold more than ready-made fast fashion. I feel that with the awareness of sustainable wear and vintage being a positive trend right now, custom wear is going to take over the street style space. Slow fashion is surely given its due here in India."

Lianne Texeira Singh

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, certain upcoming plans for the brand have been put on hold. But not all is bleak for the new mommy. Having given birth to her first child with husband, Indian footballer Robin Singh, the entrepreneur is super excited and is focusing on what the future is going to bring.

A Hip-Hop and Streetwear enthusiast, Singh elaborates her take on the current scene in India with the rise of Streetwear and sneaker culture.

"It means that we, Indians are finding our voice. We aren’t only known for our fabrics and craftsmanship but also for cultural influences that are seen internationally. I envision Feisty Lu to be an authentic street custom label inspired by equality and art around the world."

Lianne Texeira Singh

With a vision that places Feisty Lu pioneering a change in the Indian fashion space through one-of-a-kind, customised garments, Singh's own unique personality shines through and resonates in each piece.

Check out the label's latest collections on their Instagram page.

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