You Season 3: Love, Sex Aur Murder

You Season 3: Love, Sex Aur Murder

From Brooklyn to L.A. to Madre Linda, Joe's killing sprees have given us a slew of relationship advice along the way: not sure about your partner? Kill them. We didn't say it, 'You' did.

Netflix came out with the highly anticipated 3rd season of its dark, stalker drama, You, on 15th October. This season we see Love and Joe move to a suburban town, Madre Linda, to give their newborn baby boy a happy and secure environment to grow up in - as if moving to a new place would transform the obsessive killers into domesticated parents. Ofcourse, in their pursuit of protecting their kid, they end up terrorising a neighbourhood where crime was virtually unheard of.


This is not to say that the sentiment is not appreciated - for two adults who have had pretty messed up childhoods leading to literal killer instincts as coping mechanisms, I’d say, it’s the thought that counts. However, it’s not too long before their body count shoots up, that too in a panopticon-like neighbourhood with people who have optimised every inch of their lives. In the second episode itself we witness Love, currently a stressed out mother, a rather lonely wife, a bereaved sister, with no real friends, murdering her neighbour, Natalie. Why? Of course, she finds out that Joe is getting back to his old shenanigans (being an obsessive stalker who loves a woman to death, literally), but Joe, being the devoted husband that he is, cleans up after Love’s impulses. And then what? Love suggests they both give couple’s therapy a try. Duh.


At couple’s therapy they realise that they need to slow down (with the bloodshed), take a pause (on the killing spree), and learn to communicate (non-violently). A normal person would do this by taking time out for their partner, to sit and talk and be vulnerable. But our lovely little love birds have a different approach - they decide to recreate the iconic soundproof, bulletproof (humanity-proof?) glass cage of everyone’s nightmares (Joe’s dreams). Now that right there is dedication.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Couples that build cages together, stay together.</p></div>

Couples that build cages together, stay together.


No brownie points for guessing what happens after this. Henry, their son, ends up falling sick with measles, and who’s to blame? A Geology professor and his wife who are - another addition to the list of problematic characters ‘You’ has - ANTI-VAXXERS. This pushes Love to hit the man on the head and drag him down to the dungeon of doom. While what ensues is equal parts disgusting and disheartening (they don’t kill the guy, but he dies by suicide after finding out some horrible information about his son, who happens to be a sexual assaulter), what we find hilarious is the social justice warrior-esque justifications that come out in Joe and Love’s internal monologues. They did this for Henry, they did this because this man was an anti-vaxxer, putting people’s lives in danger (‘cause two calculative killers on the loose don’t). And that's not it - throughout the show, these two psychopathic killers explore polyamory, feminism, toxic masculinity, gaslighting and racism in the American justice system through their interactions with other characters.

But absolutely without a doubt, the best outcome of this entire process of therapy and working on the relationship and introspection (and stalking and killing) is Joe realising that he has mommy issues (cue a Joe Mama joke? No? Okay). We can appreciate the self-awareness here. Can’t say the same about Love, though - she thinks Joe and her are perfect soulmates (Love, honey, no). Apart from the fact that she is alive and they are together playing house only because Joe spared her life on account of her being pregnant, and that caging people and murdering them turns them into horny little fuckers (DON’T kink-shame), they are the perfect couple (who also happen to think about and fuck other people occassionally).

They wanted to restart their life and forget about their whimsical pasts, but can you really run away from the essence of your being? ‘You’ can’t. The ending is a very romantic, ‘till death do us apart’ kinda situation [Joe kills Love, after she tries to kill him]. So kids, what did we learn? Don’t sleep with other people, don’t be an anti-vaxxer, and the white man with mommy issues will somehow always win.

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