Why Does Your Brain Get Off On Coffee?

Why Does Your Brain Get Off On Coffee?

Do you often (read: daily) wallow yourself in the cup of bitter coffee, making your bitter bleary-eyed day better? Read on to see how it's not you but your brain who asks for it.

Is coffee morning victory for you? Do you also travel with coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop with your laptop bag as you pace through your office or do you tend to skip this part and drink your office local coffee? Yes, coffee lovers also have two categories. The former understands the complex nuanced overall experience and the other one? Eh, if they’re lazy to get coffee the first thing in the morning then they do not deserve to be labelled as coffee enthusiasts.

Amidst all this banter, have you ever wondered about the buzz around caffeine and its addiction? Is it the aroma, the psychoactive effects, or just plain ol' social acceptance? It all really comes down to psychology.

Do you also only feel a jolt of energy storm through your veins as the first sip of coffee washes down your throat, filling up your surroundings with its aroma and blessing your tongue with its heavenly bitterness? Is it the only thing that makes you feel alive awake? Then, we have news for you!

Is your brain asking for it and dying for it? Here's why:

There is a concept in psychology known as the theory of classical conditioning, given by the Russian scientist, Ivan Pavlov who in an experiment made dogs his guinea pigs. He used to ring a bell post which food was provided to the dogs, an activity he repeated several times. So, the next time the bell rang, it stimulated the dogs to salivate, waiting for food to be provided to them, creating an unconscious pattern of connecting the sound of the bell with the arrival of food. Therefore, the theory concluded that two stimuli when linked together produce a new learned response.

So similarly, every time you drink coffee, the stimuli- the bitter taste and the energy rush associate together to form a response which is the feeling of being more focussed and awake. And you start associating caffeine with this feeling, just like Pavlov’s dogs would salivate after the ringing of the bell.

The resultant energy of ingested coffee, within minutes, gives you that boost you get to make through the morning meetings or to return calls you don't want to make. This energy stimulates the brain after only a few minutes of intake and sits into your brain controlling your sleep and concentration for a while till you get through lunch. So, the “bitter” taste has been accommodated by your brain and is now welcomed as a “pleasant” taste and honestly? The coffee smell overshadows the bitterness. No cap, all facts.


Thank f*ck Caffeine

Other than a (relatively) safe addiction, a wholesome aromatic experience, and the earthy taste with all its pleasant bitterness that tastes better than love, what does coffee have to offer?

The Guardian 

So, to give you all a little context, adenosine is the hormone that gives you the feeling of tiredness or sleepiness and the periods of unproductivity you feel. Wait, don’t curse it yet for this is also the brain chemical that keeps your heartbeats intact.

How coffee comes into the picture is within minutes of ingesting, it starts accumulating in your brain and blocks the formation of this adenosine, triggering the production of adrenaline, making you uppity up and for the time being, giving you ample amounts of energy.

This rush caffeine gives you, CANNOT be substituted with tea, our beloved coffee enthusiasts will wholeheartedly agree to this.

How much is too much?

Have you ever been grilled by un-caffeinated un-humans around you with “oh so how many cups do you drink a day?” or “I’ve heard too much coffee is way too bad for you.” Yes like all good things, excess of caffeine is bad too but us, caffeine dependents like to stay in denial.

But, you cannot escape facts here as coffee does make you jittery and shaky because it induces adrenaline, a fight-flight hormone that can make you anxious and panicky, also disrupting your sleep cycle. This might seem like a trifle thing but can have longer impacts like it might induce sleep apnea (A sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts) which can cause other health issues.

Yes, going through the whole day with substantial productivity is great but getting enough sleep is hella important too for if you don't sleep, you will lose your mind making the purpose of coffee pretty pointless. We are not trying to burst your bubble but, it wouldn’t be okay to talk about what a blessing coffee is without mentioning the bad. So this is not a propaganda article of "QUIT COFFEE TODAY" but more of how coffee is amazing and truly a blessing, but please don't let it disrupt your sleep and mess with your health, we would say coffee is worth it, but it isn't.

So our beloved coffee drinkers, drink up, but only to an optimum amount.

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