What Sticking With The OGs Did For Cred

What Sticking With The OGs Did For Cred

If there is something Cred is known for, it's their brilliant marketing tactics that defeat everyone in the game. Apart from that, what was it that they do, something about paying our bills, was it?

Rahul Dravid as Indiranagar ka Gunda

If you haven't seen the ad with Rahul Dravid acting batshit crazy amidst a traffic jam, let us know the rock you live under, we would very much like to join you. Just as a quick recap, Rahul Dravid, the very calm, composed, newly appointed coach of the Indian team was shown going crazy over being stuck in a traffic jam. Now this obviously caught the attention of the viewers as the general image of Dravid pertains to being very reserved in general. Cred themselves, in the ad, pointed out how their basic functioning purpose sounds almost as unbelievable and ridiculous as saying that Dravid has anger issues, and then proceed onto showing him breaking a car’s side view mirror. Cred has been smart with their ad campaigns from the very beginning, drawing a contrast to keep the viewers surprised every damn time.

It wasn't only Cred that capitalised from this ad, a lot of companies stepped in to make full use of this opportunity Cred had set up perfectly and gained much out of it.

Zomato had something to say (when does it not) about late deliveries in Indiranagar due to this traffic jam caused by the ‘gunda’. Oyo invited people if they needed rest, PhonePe urged people to get car insurance through their app in case the gunda strikes their car, just to name a few. Even Virat Kohli pointed out how he hadn't seen this side of ‘bhai’ before. If you look at it, creating this viral ad benefitted Cred in every single way. Every campaign and company that mentioned this, did a favour to cred in terms of sign up. All roads led to Cred.

The influence through minimalism

Ever seen a Cred billboard? it's just black and white with the words “Download Cred”, and their logo. That's it. What we're saying is that Cred didn't dump too much information on their billboards and posters that stretch across entire buildings. They could have if they wanted to, they had the space. See, everything does not have to be complicated, contrary to teenager’s beliefs when it comes to romance nowadays. They know what they want to convey and they do it with absolute brilliance (brb waiting on Cred to sponsor us). Their motto is to get people talking about the brand, just use the name Cred and create a lasting impact. Look how well it’s working, here we are writing a wholeass article about how they nailed their marketing game.

In majority of their campaigns and advertisements, Cred doesn't care about giving away the uses of the app, they just want it to be present on everyone's screens and for the users to just "Download Cred." As pointed out, the point is to start a conversation and just keep it going. Be it with their actors or scripts or forming the OG band with legendary cricketers.

The Visual Appeal of Celebrity Bling

Cred TV and media advertisements are quite different from their way of approaching billboards. They have had someone in their ads from every genre of mainstream media be it cricket, movies, television, music, and what not. The bling is very literal and real in case of Bappi Lahiri’s ad as a part of their ‘Not Everyone Gets It’ campaign. No, it's not about sex, geez guys.

In this campaign, they showed various popular celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor, Govinda auditioning for the Cred ad in very funky ways and the producers preferring a voiceover saying “Download Cred” in their place. Indeed, everyone does not actually get it (is this a 'That's What She Said' moment?)

Another campaign that Cred runs is ‘Great for the Good’ under which they have the same theme of drawing satire of the actors involved and relate it to their functioning. Neeraj Chopra takes on 6-7 different avatars in one of the ads and we kid you not, it is right on point. See the ad to get the reference, this article is not an encyclopedia. Kapil Dev dresses up like Ranvir, Jackie Shroff does zumba. Can Cred give us the secret recipe to such great persuasion techniques? Asking for a friend.

The "factor"

Let's peak at a few things about the ads. One, Jim Sarbh appears in almost all of them (still thanking the gods for that), creating a consistency for the viewers who getting the feeling that they already know what he's going to say. Two, making celebrities do exactly what you wouldn't expect them to. This gets people talking about the ad, probably why the popularity surrounding them.

A lot of Cred’s budget goes into marketing itself. Surprisingly they don't even have a proper business revenue model yet but is their paid advertising worth the humongous budget? According to experts, absolutely yes. The paid advertising works as in-built word-of-mouth for Cred too. Why? Because look at you still reading this. Precisely the phenomena that happens with everyone else too. We have had a conversation about Cred marketing with people I know about 10 times in the very least because that is the kind of lasting impression they create.

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