The Suicide Squad Is A Typical Bollywood Movie!

The Suicide Squad Is A Typical Bollywood Movie!

From stochastic breaks into music sequences, weirdly-timed comic relief sets, and OTT dialogues, "The Suicide Squad" has a bit of Bollywood 'tadka' in it

Amidst the overloaded platter of superhero movies and TV series that are served to us ever so often, all decked up with hype but featuring the same, cookie-cutter setup of lows and highs, James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” stands out with a brazen countenance. It’s more of a lone wolf rather than a sequel to the low-on-chutzpah, violent-as-a-house-cat David Ayer’s version which hardly blew away fans so you do not need to make yourself sit through it.

“The Suicide Squad” changes the train tracks of James Gunn (of Guardians of The Galaxy fame) from MCU to DCEU but cleverly disassociates with the Starlord-humor, oscillating between a slippery territory of crass and absurdly funny.

While “The Suicide Squad” merrily dances away on the grave of the David Ayer version with its underdog villain-heroes and stellar direction, it has some um, quirks, if we may, that we’d like to bring to the table. Its resemblance to 90s and 2000s Bollywood movies is absolutely uncanny (we said what we said). Before you flip out, give us a fair chance to make our case.

So, when you think of a typical Bollywood movie, there are some stock instances that no amount of disclaimer can prepare you for. Starting with eccentric switch of emotions, the unmissable sudden breaks into dance sequences and songs, too many characters and ofcourse, whimsically directed scenes. Exhibit A: The 2007 romance/comedy “Welcome”, a gem nonetheless but was a weird mix of all of the aforementioned characteristics.

Moreover, invoking the sudden switches of the 2004 blockbuster “Fida” where right after a shocking betrayal, in comes an overly cheesy romantic number. Drawing an air-tight comparison with this Bollywood ritual is (spoiler territory) when Harley Quinn gets captured by milita followed by a romanticised music video-esque dream sequence. Also, how can we forget the overly exaggerated, in-your-face and flamboyant dialogues that basically make up 3/4th of every Bollywood movie ever.

Bagging the title of the one of the least depressive superhero movies, “The Suicide Squad” also parrots Bollywood’s way of lightening up serious genres. This got us reminiscing about all of the most beloved psychological horror Indian movie - “Bhool Bhulaiyaa” (2007) which took the same approach of sprinkling comic relief all over supposedly serious sequences. King Shark that should have been a solemn, hangry and fearsome beast, cracked jokes as dorky as, dare we say, Akshay Kumar’s character in “Bhool Bhulaiyaa” (2007).

While the foul-mouthed, breather of a superhero flick was throned “DC’s best movie in years,” we’d like to add that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Another tangent is the definite homage it pays to the Bollywood cinematic universe with a side of whimsically grotesque and unapologetic visions. But to each his own.

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