India's First Secret Society That You Probably Knew Nothing About

India's First Secret Society That You Probably Knew Nothing About

From India having its own Illuminati dupe to Anonymous appearing on screens with a Guy Fawkes mask on, let's explore things we might not want to accept.

This one’s for all those who’ve googled on how to be a part of Illuminati at 3 am hiding away from prying eyes. What if we tell you that India had (has?) its own secret society which gives competition to Illuminati and Priory of Sion, not in terms of the global network, but it’s still pretty cool and you could be part of it? No, you cannot sit yo ass down.

But it’s very real, India’s very own secret society formed by the great emperor, Ashoka, a long time back. Known by the name of The Nine Unknown Men, these members were chosen very carefully in a design to continue. Explains the “(has)” now doesn't it?

The Nine Unknown Men

Coming to the Nine Unknown Men, India’s very own and first secret society was formed by Ashoka with the aim to preserve the knowledge that will lead to the destruction of humanity if it were to fall into the wrong hands. They were trusted with guarding the 9 books of secret knowledge. Seems like the plot of a Marvel movie, doesn't it now?

The 9 disciplines in these 9 books were: Propaganda, Physiology, Microbiology, Alchemy, Communication, Gravity, Cosmogony, Light and Sociology. Everything a ruler needed to be all-powerful. Subjects that were controversial, mysterious and forbidden were also between these 9 disciplines.

If you think all of this sounds fancy, yes it does but it’s very dangerous at the same time. For example, the knowledge of how to kill someone with one touch 'The touch of death' was also studied. Fun fact: It is said that modern day Judo originated from leaked knowledge of this stream.

An advanced form of communication was also discussed, which is also said to include communication in extraterrestrial form with aliens. (Their version of storming the gates of Area 51)

Moreover, under alchemy, the transformation of metal to gold was explored and studied, of course because bitches be thirsty.

Into the discovery

What is so intriguing about this society is that even after Talbot Mundy wrote an entire book about the founding of this society, it all seemed a bit unrealistic. The issue was that Mundy was in India as an officer of the British Police for 5 years. It seemed just a tad bit boastful at how he could find one of the best kept secrets in the limited time that he was here, that too being from a foreign nation and not at all well versed with the country. But after 37 years, in the novel ‘The Morning of the Magicians’ by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier gave the world a solid base to support this claim made by Mundy.


Another interesting story which was brought up was that when Pope Silvester II had met the society, he had returned with many strange ‘gadget-type’ things on his return. One of these strange things was a Bronze head that resembled a computer and was capable of interacting via speech and answering yes or no questions. This was obviously a very advanced technology in terms of that time and age.

When he tried to display this publicly in a church, he mysteriously fell ill and died. The conspiracy theory behind this mysterious death was that the society murdered people to stop them from revealing their secret knowledge which held a lot of power to the common less-intelligent masses.

Parallels within the same universe

Now talking about Ashoka's Secret society and its purpose also brings into question the existence of a parallel-group which is Anonymous. We all must have heard about Anonymous at the time of George Floyd’s death and how they threatened to show the world that the Minneapolis police department is corrupted and functions with a lot of police killings that don't make it to the headline. In their video, they publicly called out the police department and held police officers accountable. The group blamed them also for being so coy and discrete about the way they carry out police brutality.

Anonymous’ existence brings into question the existence of secret societies even today, although they as a group are very public. If secret societies do exist, are they existing with a motive and is it a good one? Or are they a sword hanging over our heads ever ready to drop down and bring an end to one and all?

Groups like Anonymous, which are hacker groups, do have access to a lot of our information, now who’s to say that this information might not be used against us, not by Anonymous but even your local hacker buddy. The plethora of knowledge and information in this time is something which can go very bad very fast, precisely the reason the Nine Unknown Men were formed in the first place.

So should they be considered the saints of our society? I don't know. I really don't know. No I’m not channeling Charlotte from Sex and the City, but there is a lot of gray area when it comes to this conversation. The secret society of Ashoka might still be continuing to save the world from total doom, we might never know.

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