Father, Son and the House of Gucci

Father, Son and the House of Gucci

From Lady Gaga's iconic swear to Adam Driver's perfect specs and power suits, here is the roundup of all things House of Gucci that hit the theatres recently.

The Guccis, surrounded by wealth, heritage, legacy, fame and controversy are a family that make their own rules. House of Gucci, a movie that brings to the audience a good dose of drama, functioning and conspiracies about the seemingly influential and powerful family, is in theatres now. Here is not a review but everything I thought about the movie and how one of the best decisions the team behind the movie made was to cast Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, that man is a dream. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum and needless to say, give a warning before them. I don't want you, internet readers, to chase me and curse me.

Watch the "promising" trailer here and set expectations but be prepared to be disappointed.

The Gucci ‘Family’

If you believe that family is flawed, an amazing example of the very same thing is set by the Gucci family. The relationship they have with each other is a very complicated one, the only thing that might be in common between us and the Guccis. And far as father-son relationships go, it’s always been a gray area but more on that later.

Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino) was one chivalrous and perky character who loved everyone more than his own son. Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) made her way into the family being a natural people pleaser. A lot of betrayals, a lot of emotions was part of the portrayal of the Gucci family and at the centre of it lay strong, vivacious and cunning Reggiani.


The man in the middle, Maurizio Gucci

Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) is shown to be the starter pack of ‘easy-to-manipulate-when-they’re-in-love-guys’. Gullible, sweet, kind, absolutely clueless, and wears specs, Maurizio isn't interested in the Gucci name. He loves Patrizia and makes her the centre of his world (simp alert).

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Spoiler: Ladies don't say yes to a man till he leaves his entire legacy (even if it’s only a bag of My Protein or some sneakers) for you, because if Maurizio Gucci can do that, someone else definitely can. It isn't even Maurizio’s life since the moment Patrizia enters, it’s hers. And no, this isn’t a do jism, ek jaan type situation, just that Patrizia is the absolute fucking boss of all things Gucci. That's what you get when you marry someone after one date.

Patrizia Reggiani, The Black Widow


Patrizia Reggiani, a strong, confident, ambitious and fashionable woman played by the ever-so-fantastic Lady Gaga changes the Gucci fate forever. She carries herself like there is no one better, as everyone should. She planned everything with utter brilliance and with hardly no scope of error.

If I’m being very honest here, it wasn't all good and inspirational with her. She was very manipulative, ruined the Gucci inheritance and family, claimed everything to be hers and wasn't afraid to use people’s weakness against them. She loved the Gucci name more than her husband and not being Patrizia Gucci was not something she was okay with. The sheer audacity to call your husband’s family ‘trash’ even when they use the surname of the great house of Gucci, first of their name, kings of the fashion andals and protector of the Italian clothing realm.

Aldo and Paolo Gucci, a 70s love story

Is a movie about a problematic family even complete without at least someone with daddy issues? Here, Paolo Gucci, son of Aldo Gucci was the victim. Paolo, always told to have been the black sheep of the family, was in reality a very talented individual, just wasn't perceived with the same notion. Aldo Gucci had more faith and love for Maurizio than he did for Paolo and that would obviously create a deep need to get back at his father.

Paolo had tried to seek validation from a lot of people and sources just to have the faith that he in fact was good enough. But to be real, the guy was straight up dumb. He made mistakes, consciously, that even made his own father end up in jail. Their relationship started very rocky and you’d think that sending your own father to jail would make it worse. But that did not happen. He was surprisingly more in love with his son after jail. Loneliness changes people, it’s true.

“He’s an idiot but he’s my idiot.”

The OTT Portrayal

The Express Tribune

When huge stars end up on even huger screens, expectations are beyond the roof. The extreme transformation of Jared Leto and the portrayal of Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani/Gucci, seemed to carry a lot of weight on their characters. You won't even get to know that Paolo is being played by Jared Leto who went through an insane makeup transformation to make him look like he is in the movie. Salma Hayek is again shown to be an impactful fortune teller with her different avatar.

Although I do wish that the poise and character portrayals were enough for the movie to be called a massive hit. The trailer promised much more action than it could deliver on. The drama, deceit and the action was something that was hugely missing and overall it seemed to be very bland.

The Italian Dynasty laced with Red and Green

Gucci, an Italian dynasty, distinguished themselves by their signature red and green. A sphere where House of Gucci didn't disappoint was the sharp and on-point dressing sense of the Guccis. After all, their name justifies their need to look good. Paolo of course had a different vision about this but from Adam Driver’s suits to Lady Gaga’s eye-catching jewellery, everything hit the sweet spot. The movie that had to have a lot of drama and action at least checked the fashion box and stirred up the Gucci name after a rough year for the brand financially.


Overall, the movie did give insights about the (dysfunctional) functioning of the family and how stupid they were. Was that all it promised to do? No. The action in the trailer barely existed in the movie for an extent of 5 minutes. The movie was a very anticipated one but it didn't show Gucci's legendary legacy in manner that'd make you hold your breath. Despite such strong characters, it failed to be impactful and did not create even 50% of what it should have, looking at the star-studded cast (brb still dreaming about Adam Driver though). All in all, House of Gucci just wasn't all that Gucci.

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