Uncovering A New Face Of Art With Chehhra

Uncovering A New Face Of Art With Chehhra

Read on to take an exclusive peek into the life of the artist behind one of the most entrancing art pages on the gram as we dive deeper into the history of her art and what inspired it.

Being a sight to sore eyes and feed for the mind, Chehhra is a unique art page that has been adding more life to our daily IG scroll sessions.

The mind behind this unique outlook, Kavya Gupta is a final year BFA Majors student at the College Of Art, New Delhi. Kavya's voyage with art began at an early age, thanks to her natural inclination towards the subject and the diverse cultural and artistic exposure that came trough travel opportunities. The constructive buildup towards her future in the world of art further came into being when the multifaceted artist was appointed the Editor Of Design for her school newspaper, back when she studied at Amity International School in Gurugram.

Kavya’s curiosity led her to a lot of distinct opportunities and her inclination towards learning and creating more, landed her an internship at Raw Live, an artist management firm where she got the opportunity to combine both her talents - music and art. While at the firm, she designed various flyers and posters for gigs and events, along with making the cover art for various albums and releases. The artist has also delved into the immersive world of branding design, thus fulfilling her talent to the utmost potential.

"In this journey to realise my own style of illustration I found Chehhra. All the Chehhra's are really vibrant and have a lot of strokes and geometric shapes, this is because that the strokes and lines come to naturally to me according to the way I feel."

Kavya Gupta

We asked Kavya about the rather special inclination towards portraying faces in her creative portfolio, and she mentions that the practice draws its inspiration from the time she spent preparing to get into arts. The artist mentions that she was not the most comfortable when it came to sketching faces while studying human anatomy and that it was while working on this aspect, that she got around to sketching faces with the inclusion of geometric shapes and forms. Her strokes and lines starting depicting what her mind felt, thus giving birth to a distinct outlook and a unique creative output.

"The illustrations in Chehhra have a lot of geometric shapes and these are inspired by the nature. The bright and vibrant colours represent the emotions I want to portray."

Kavya Gupta

Research is the bedrock for each and every one of Kavya's projects as it helps her to understand and grasp knowledge about the task at hand. The creative uses questionnaires to understand the personality and mood of a person and then shapes the characteristics into art with her skills. Once she has a particular direction of a new concept she looks for unconventional ways to execute them, constantly diversifying her style with each progressive project.

Kavya’s recent work displays inspirations taken from homegrown Indian brands such as Jaywalking, Ekaya Banaras, IDGAD, and Ahluwalia Studio as she gives the models sporting the labels' clothes a brand new, revamped avatar. The artist has worked towards reflecting the editorial faces and the various moods these creative campaigns bring with them, also promoting a rather multi-disciplinary outlook.

“Faces uplifting the culture” is another one of Kavya’s current works and it accents the likes of Shivani Boruah, Abhishek Paatni, and Mayank Thappa, pioneers of the street culture in the country.

With the help of Chehhra, Kavya looks forward to both learning from her audience as well as educating them about various things. Her mental health campaign that focused on depression, schizophrenia and bulimia has not only helped in creating awareness but also highlighted how society as a whole should be more considerate about the subject and the people dealing with them on a daily.

"My goal with the project surrounding mental disorders was to create a comfort zone for the people who are actually going through them and create awareness about them so that people don’t feel embarrassed talking about the subject of mental health."

Kavya Gupta

While making art pieces for Chehhra, Kavya makes use of both the digital and the traditional sketching mediums. The artist also mentions that while she enjoys the craft of sketching with hand, the world is inching closer to the digital frenzy every single day. Expressing her fondness towards both mediums, she discloses that her creative process starts with explorations done on paper that are later converted into digital artworks, based on the theme and nature of the work. Attesting to the various levels of growth that she has seen, the artist says it has been one fruitful journey moving from physical and easy access mediums to digital expression!

Moving forward Kavya wishes to gain more and more industry experience and convert Chehhra into a full time design studio that aims at understanding the psychology of the subconscious mind and how artists can connect and relate to it.

Although Chehhra is barely more than a year and half old, it has presented itself as one of the most inquisitive art pages on the gram. Kavya's journey in the field has just started and she wildly appreciates the culture that has helped her grow.

"Culture to me is accepting different people and their background and connecting and embracing each other. Acceptance means a lot to me and the growing streetwear industry of the country is the perfect example of the type of culture i want to represent in the art world."

Kavya Gupta

With work that does more than just pleasing the eye, Chehhra has also been presenting the various ways in which art can be used to communicate. Head over to the artist's profile for a closer look at her work and get yourself a 'Chehhra' now!

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