The Kairosqui Effect: A Content Creator

The Kairosqui Effect: A Content Creator

Get up-close, and personal with Anoushka David aka Kairosqui, an upcoming creative content creator whose fashionable foot forward is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

In today's expansive fashion and beauty sphere, Instagram influencers are a dime a dozen. However, being able to truly captivate an audience in a digital space that is so dynamic, is a challenge for any content creator. Creating content that powers through and challenges stereotypical beauty ideals is Anoushka David, who goes by the name of Kairosqui on Instagram.

"Unconventional, rebellious and vulnerable" are words Anoushka uses to describe her body of work that ranges from moody portraits of her friends, to expressive self-portraits of the creative in desi-punk looks and Euphoria-esque makeup looks. Creativity can bloom in even the most mundane surroundings, and for the young artiste, the four walls of her Delhi apartment have stood witness to all the musings that eventually manifested into stories, ideas and inventions, taking a more aesthetically articulate direction through her fashion and photography.

Opening-up about her journey as a creative Anouska reveals that although art has always been an integral part of her essence, in 2020, the sabbatical of self-exploration and soul-searching resulted in the artist realising that the artistic fervour is something to nurture rather than conquer.

"I stopped seeing art as competition with myself, I started nurturing it and taking care of it and eventually it grew into something beautiful and the more I took care of it, the more it evolved."


An artist’s self-reflection and journey sometimes transpires into overt intricacies. For Kairosqui, her struggle with identity and stepping out of the con-formative 'binary' boxes has always fuelled her art. Pulling a 180, the artist went from complying to feminine beauty standards such as giving in to society’s ideal admiration for long luscious hair to redefining beauty standards by shaving her head completely and rocking a buzzcut.

"My whole life I struggled with my identity, specifically the gender binaries that are forced upon us as children. I always behaved in ways that weren't considered ladylike and it didn't bother me until it did and I put all my energy into proving that I was girl. Growing out my hair was one such thing since I've always preferred short hair. This series was the start of me changing my own narrative. I shaved my head and wore a man's suit and that didn't change who I was at all. The inspiration was just the truth that you get to define who you are and no one else but you has that power."


Talking about the influences and inspirations behind her visual style, the 22 year old is somewhat of an avid learner and doesn’t shy away from being hands on with experiences and life lessons and opts to incorporate all that she learns in her art.

There’s a high level of confrontation in the artist’s work as well and her striking pictures and shoots feature versatile details such as her face dripping with thermocol décor, Solange inspired eye moments and even a rugged mullet. In terms of her favourite work so far, the Desi Punk look is a winner in her books with its spiky hairstyle, bold liner and accents of ethnic adornments.

"It was so much fun to edit as well photograph because I had no idea where I was going with it and seeing it all come together so beautifully surprised me in the best way possible."


Offering her views on the Indian creative scene, Anoushka explains that the sphere comes with its own pros and cons - while the confidence and drive to create rises, the seeds of capitalism are owing to a complex loop of constantly creating that fluctuates between a false sense of validation and the pangs of imposter syndrome hitting hard at times.

With a couple of projects lined-up in the coming future, Anoushka is a staunch believer of taking it one day at a time and a resounding sentiment of blending art with compassion filters through in the young icon’s contribution to the culture that is truly the need of the hour.

"Culture is very subjective in its nature, to me it's a sense of belonging within a group of people. I want to be able to learn more about loving myself and others and translate that into my art so that others could learn to do the same."


Head over to her Instagram to get a closer look at the awe-inspiring photography and creative styling and seek inspiration from the ever so chic style icon.

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