Of Mixtapes & Creative Expression: In Conversation With Raunak Jangid

Of Mixtapes & Creative Expression: In Conversation With Raunak Jangid

Curating a distinctive graphical canvas with his unique artworks, Raunak Jangid has been turning up the heat with his internet-breaking, creative series'. Read on to know more about the artist.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Raunak Jangid is making waves with his unique visual design language and artwork series' surrounding subjects such as pop culture and music figures. Currently pursuing Information Experience Design at Pratt Institute, Jangid is a graphic design graduate from MIT Institute of Design.

The artist reveals that his affinity for creative expression began at a young age. Growing up watching TV shows like M.A.D, inspired the illustrator to explore the arts. Like many of us, Jangid's school textbooks were filled with doodles and sketches and what started as a simple hobby had soon taken the shape of his academic and professional future.

Talking about his creative process and the various ways of fuelling the same, Jangid tells us about his multivariate sources of influence. Citing various retro Indian aesthetics as an inspiration, Jangid's vision aims towards actualizing artworks that create a sense of nostalgia among its viewers, through the peculiar use of design elements and thoughtful visual depiction.

A lot of artists are seen sticking to a signature artistic style once it garners some attention. Representing his personal experiences through his visuals, Jangid reveals that he prefers not to have a distinct or consistent art style, in order to refrain from constricting his aesthetic explorations.

"I consider delving into different art styles from different Cultures and timelines, which will help me push my creative boundaries."

Raunak Jangid

Foraying into various creative and artistic outlets throughout the quarantine, Jangid poured out his feelings about the same and the various possibilities of life after the pandemic through a series of illustrations backed by audio that makes the experience of viewing and understanding the expression quite wholesome. The series “QuaranTimes” displays the artist’s unique take on pop culture, while reflecting a retro aesthetic.

"Lockdown has been very emotionally exhausting for every one of us. 'QuaranTimes' is the series where I expressed my feelings regarding the lockdown. With this personal project, I was able to empty my mind and have fun while doing it. I can say that illustration is a medium that I use to let out all my emotions and feelings."

Raunak Jangid

Another series by the illustrator that has been making the rounds on the Gram is called “This Mixtape Is On Fire”, which started earlier this year. The series features some of Jangid’s favourite artists, predominantly belonging to the genre of Hip Hop. While being an artistic achievement, Jangid mentions that this series is an all time favourite work of his, as it helped him combat the fear of judgment and create without thinking of the response, thus enabling creativity at its best.

"It is because of that series that I can explore different art styles fearlessly. Also, I am now less scared of judgment by others as I am loving the journey of creating the work that I like."

Raunak Jangid

Part 2 of the series, on the other hand looks closer to home, showcasing various pioneers of the Indian rap/hip-hop music scene such as Divine, Naezy, PrabhDeep, Raftaar, and more! Possessing a never-before-seen style of classic, firecracker packaging, the aesthetic resonates with childhood nostalgia and sentimentality.

"This Mixtape Is On Fire' series started as a personal project where I wanted to explore different Indian art styles. Hip Hop has very much influenced this series, as I have covered the artist I have been listening to and vibing. It is always exciting when a series is complete because then I can think of what next? And as I am continuing with this series, I can explore different art styles and discover more new music artists. "

Raunak Jangid

Talking about the foreseeable future and the endless scope of artistic expression, Jangid tells us that he plans on exploring the various possibilities of digital and canvas mediums through his elaborate artworks. The artist also reveals that he looks forward to venturing into various collaborations with several talented artists and small-scale organisations.

On his take on the current culture and how he'd like to contribute towards the same with regards to his craft, Jangid discloses that he wants his art to be first and foremost relatable for the community.

"With my illustrations, I want to bridge the gap between old and modern. As we know that each culture has its art, but with modern times these art styles are fading away. I want to keep these art styles alive by recreating them in my illustration. I want the people to know how rich their cultural art (pop culture or otherwise) was and what it means."

Raunak Jangid

Creating a visual niche while also striking a chord with his ever-growing audience, Raunak Jangid’s work truly justifies the purpose of communicating through art. Check out the illustrator's official Instagram to get a closer look at the abovementioned series and other artworks!

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