Medicom Toy Enshrines Muhammad Ali in a New BE@RBRICK

Medicom Toy Enshrines Muhammad Ali in a New BE@RBRICK

Images of the painting of legendary boxer by iconic artist Andy Warhol form the newest rendition of the Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK. Read on to get a closer look.

Muhammad Ali was the first-ever boxer to win the Heavy-Weight Championship on three different occasions and defend his title 19 times over the period of his career! Needless to say, Ali has been one of the most reputed athletes of his time and as a result was also signed to be a part of Andy Warhol’s athlete series back in 1977.

An artist, film producer, director and photographer Warhol has been the pioneer in starting the pop-art scene in the United States.

100% and 400% Versions
100% and 400% Versions

Completed between 1977 and 1979, the series featured 10 colourful portraits of several sports giants of the 70s such as Pele, Chris Evett, Jack Nikaulas and ofcourse, Muhammad Ali among various others.

Several years later, one of these portraits is now being used on a Medicom Toy.


Warhol disclosed that Ali was not the easiest subject to photograph, but the artist did eventually manage to capture the boxer and painted over the picture in his signature pop-art style to give the image more depth and movement.

In the picture we can see Muhammad Ali standing in his classic "Ready to Pounce" pose. The toy stands at roughly 2.75 inches in a solid blue colour base and the orange-tinted pictures of Ali all over the toy, provide a stark contrast. Warhol's signature can also be seen on the back of the toy.


Although this isn't the first Medicom Toy Ali has received, the photograph printed on this particular rendition holds not only historical but pop-cultural significance, making this release all the more special.

Retailing at around $500 - $600 the toy can be bought online on websites such as Medicom Toy and CJ Mart.

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