Kanye West and Kid Cudi Expand Horizons With Upcoming Anime "Kids See Ghosts"

Kanye West and Kid Cudi Expand Horizons With Upcoming Anime "Kids See Ghosts"

The duo teased the anime show’s clip earlier this week and the fans are going wild.

The joint music venture by Kanye West and Kid Cudi stage-named 'KIDS SEE GHOSTS' released a 2 minute clip for a self-titled upcoming anime series on their official Youtube channel on Friday, June 26th. The show is directed by the one and only, Takashi Murakami with sound design by William Sullivan and Cudi as well.

The preview sees the two main characters, Kanye Bear and Kid Fox leaving on their bicycles for the first day of school just as a colossal, ghastly monster starts chasing them. All this while, a wood-clad ‘unnamed’ hero prepares to save them and just as they’re about to stumble into the monster’s mouth, she comes to their rescue.

In the video, an aerial view of a mysterious castle alongside a waterfall can be seen, resembling the duo’s 2018 album colour palette - which was also designed by Murakami, based on the landscape series, Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai.

We hope to see some new music releases from the iconic duo, given their promising record of producing some of the greatest hits working together like "FEEL THE LOVE", "REBORN", and "4th DIMENSION".

Amidst all this news and Kanye signing a 10-year deal with GAP for a “YEEZY GAP” apparel line, the producer-singer also released a new song “Wash Us In The Blood” featuring Travis Scott, from his upcoming album "God’s Country" with visuals from collaborator Arthur Jafa.

It is still too early to determine if these two events, the anime and the new album will ever be meeting at crossroads, but it is definitely the silver lining we need and hope for in 2020!

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