Hype Up Your Interiors With Dripteriors

Hype Up Your Interiors With Dripteriors

Dripteriors has introduced a whole new way to express love for your favourite brands. Read on to find out how you can add some extra hype to your room.

The hype culture’s influence has only grown with time and can be seen permeating all aspects of life and lifestyle - specially interiors and home decor. We all love to personalise and decorate our bedrooms to represent who we are and what we love and in the streetwear/sneaker community, it would be no surprise to find Supreme skate decks, Off-White x Ikea rugs, Anti Social Social Club dustbins and Kaws dolls in any hype-beast's room.

With the aim to bridge the gap for hype-worthy interiors in the Indian market, Alisha Chadha founded Dripteriors to promote unique, customisable interior decor for the streetwear aficionado.

An interior designer by profession, Alisha claims she has always been inspired by and interested in decors - even at a young age, she would notice everything in a room to try and understand the inspiration of the person who designed it. It was while looking for new ideas to work with that Alisha came across interior decors in hype culture and noticed that the products available were limited and people were willing to pay large amounts of money.

“I decided to launch 'Dripteriors' to provide a new segment to the Hype culture of India by introducing something people would feel is unique and would want to invest in. Why just stick to kicks and fits when your room can speak wonders about what you believe in and what you feel for the culture and the brands related to it."

Alisha Chadha

For their first drop, Alisha researched about what the people in the culture were looking for, the brands that were extremely popular, and began exploring initial design developments. Once she figured out what designs she wanted to work on, she began experimenting with silver and gold mirrors, eventually creating the first range of the drop. All the designs are made to order and range from 1ft to 4ft in size - everything about the art pieces from the colour of the mirror to the design itself can be customised as per the customer’s request.

Dripterior’s product line encompasses various designs featuring brands like OVO, Supreme, Bape, Drew House, Jordan etc. Alisha’s personal favourite is the Air Jordan 1 Swarovski Embellished mirror with acrylic and the Takashi Murakami Flower.

Although hype and streetwear culture is primarily male-dominated, Alisha remains positive that as more women-owned businesses like her's start claiming their ground in the culture it will become more inclusive.

"Change takes time, but gradually with the right energy in the right direction, it always brings out a positive change. Women owned businesses related to the culture are really few, but I'm glad to be a part of it and I hope to inspire more women out there."

Alisha Chadha

The word culture has a different meaning in everyone’s mind and every person contributes to it in their own way. When asked about the same Alisha has an interesting point of view.

"Culture, to me, means a pool of potential where people can express themselves. There is no hiding - you can bring in any new idea that you feel is something you wish to share with the world and this culture will accept it in any shape or form. Thats the beauty of it."

Alisha Chadha

Being one of its kind, Dripteriors might have started a whole new trend in the décor scene and we can't wait to see how they plan on expanding in the coming future. Go checkout their Instagram page to get a closer look at their designs.

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