Exploring The Whimsical Visual World Of Rushil Bhatnagar

Exploring The Whimsical Visual World Of Rushil Bhatnagar

Bringing a unique take with his art for the world to see, Rushil Bhatnagar’s work has been breaking the internet visual after visual. Read on to know more about the artist and his exemplary work.

Mumbai-based Rushil Bhatnagar is a visual artist and motion designer whose uniquely ethereal, artistic interpretation makes him truly stand out in a sea of creative individuals trying to make their mark in India's growing creative cultural sphere.

With a highly distinctive visual language and aesthetic, Bhatnagar's creations are a tantalising menagerie that transport you to another time and place, invoking feelings like no other. With a resume that boasts client names such as Redbull, Tinder India, Chupa Chups, and collaborations with musician Ritviz, Bhatnagar begins by telling us about the humble beginnings of his piquing interest in design and advertising.

Rushil Bhatnagar
Rushil Bhatnagar

The artist reveals that although he was fascinated with UI Design in his teenage years, he was initially keen on pursuing engineering or science as his primary focus. However, the experience of being involved through suggestions and ideas that he’d present to his father with respect to his work, brought Bhatnagar closer to his chosen field eventually leading him to study Graphic Design at MIT Institute of Design.

Another driving force towards the multifold world of design, for the artist, was an opportunity to pursue Advertising from the University for the Creative Arts, London.

"In my teenage years, I was really fascinated with UI Design. Since my father is into Web Development Services, I’d alway roam around his office looking at the screens, giving the most innocent suggestions on where to place information. To see him incorporate those suggestions, I believe was a real win.”

Rushil Bhatnagar

Telling us about the artistic influences that inspire him, Bhatnagar mentions that the work of artists such as Daft Punk, Four Tet, James Turell, Tim Gatenby and Brittany Arch appeal to him the most, singling out the way in which the artist's have given life to pieces of work that communicate their desired emotions effortlessly - be it nostalgia or excitement.

Furthering on the subject, the multi-talented artist also mentions that he looks up to his fellow creative individuals and friends, who work in a wide range of capacities and are designers, editors, motion designers, fashion designers and more.

“My childhood was heavily dominated by spending time close to nature and gardens everyday, which has been an ever-discovering theme running parallel to the intimacy we share with each other."

Rushil Bhatnagar

Attesting to the very otherworldly experience that the artist curates through his extraordinary work, Bhatnagar mentions that the biggest influence behind his work comes from the various aspects of his childhood and the prevalent narratives running around him.

"I always wanted to carve out a happy, utopian place - I really liked the idea of its existence, where the surroundings are the happiest even if you aren’t. However, I am always drawn to what I am feeling the most at a particular time, and from there on it’s just about letting yourself flow."

Rushil Bhatnagar

While being one of the best at visual work, Bhatnagar has previously also forayed into the art of publication combining his skills with that of exemplary visual artist Priyanka Paul, previously releasing a zine named “BEDx Talks'' - a witty guide navigating the reader through the myths and queries of sexual health and education. Having also designed the motion graphics and visuals for various sets with DJ/producer Zokhuma at antiSocial in Mumbai, Bhatnagar has ventured into the world of music and gigs with his stunning and entrancing visuals that enhance the overall musical experience multifold.

When asked about his favourite piece of artwork that he has produced, Bhatnagar reveals the choice isn't the easiest.

"This is such a tough one, but ‘The Anatomy of Intimacy’ and ‘One Ticket To Bucephalus’ are my favourite pieces. Both are so far from each other, in terms of style and themes, yet there is a sense of loss and absence that I love playing around with as a theme."

Rushil Bhatnagar

'The Anatomy of Intimacy' came into being as the artist’s reflection on the redefined perception of intimacy and self love that humankind experienced in 2020, featuring hands that imitate how the artist felt about the premise of each month spent in isolation, while catching glances of various moments.

Born out of his intrinsic imagination is another visual treat in the form of an event that never occurred - 'One Ticket to Bucephalus' takes the viewer on a magnficient trip to the first ever museum city built in the memory of Alexander The Great's beloved horse, Bucephalus. With intricate details that pull you in to the illustration, Bhatnagar creates an entirely new universe - one that makes you want to experience it first-hand, with all your senses and not just visually.

Having forayed into various collaborations ranging from motion graphics for advertorials to music, Bhatnagar’s portfolio screams artistic versatility in the best sense. Telling us about the various plans for the future, the artist mentions that he is currently working independently and learning more in the direction of motion graphics, branding and CGI while also balancing an "all smiles, fun-filled time in life".

“I am in the process of creation and collaboration with some of the artists I have had the chance to interact with during 2020 and brands that I have adored from a distance but now being able to see the team behind them, is a beautiful sight.”

Rushil Bhatnagar

Harbouring a rather emotional attachment to the concept of culture, Bhatnagar reveals,

“For me, culture is about accepting people as who they are, in the strongest and weakest point of their life. To be able to understand each other and the emotions we go through, without being shy about the circumstances. I feel everyone is aware, but embracing the surroundings and each other is what one needs to be reminded of. It is something I’ve always believed in, while cultivating the same atmosphere for the culture around me.”

Rushil Bhatnagar

Transcending all things real - ranging from emotions to experiences, into an ever-growing universe that takes you on sensory tours to lands unimagined - Bhatnagar’s work has introduced the digital world to a new outlook and an extraordinary aesthetic altogether.

Head over to the multifaceted visual artist’s Instagram to get a closer look at his work and get your hands on some limited edition prints!

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