Exploring The Realm Of Digital Art With Jayesh ‘Jayman’ Joshi

Exploring The Realm Of Digital Art With Jayesh ‘Jayman’ Joshi

Taking the essence of art to the screen, Jayesh Joshi has been adding a multitude of value to the digitized craft of painting through his extraordinary skillset. Read on to know more about his work.

While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, one cant help but agree that it takes more than just beholding eyes to create and nurture art. Delineating the essence of paintings through a digital canvas, Jayesh Jayman Joshi one of the most versatile and distinctive multimedia artists the country has ever seen, befitting the roles of an illustrator, art director, animator, music producer and a rapper.

Been drawing since the age of 2, Joshi had been avidly interested and determined to make it to the top through the world of art and creative expression since an early age. With no artistic influence from his family whatsoever, Joshi always found himself naturally inclined towards art, which also happens to be the only thing that he wholeheartedly resonates with.

“I always wanted something to do with art professionally - except for a phase in my life where I wanted to be Govinda, yeah - from wanting to be a comic book cover artist to a visual development artist for animated films to being an illustrator, art has been the one thing that's remained constant in my life.

Jayesh 'Jayman' Joshi

Being attributed with roles that foray into various creative industries, be it illustrating, art direction to producing music, we asked Joshi which of the many roles entice him the most. Letting us in on why he does what he does, Joshi mentions that the underlying roles come into action when his liking towards something grows and becomes a passion. The admiration towards anything and everything that resonates with Joshi, more than often turns into the desire to wanting to try and do those things by himself, thus also pushing him to pursue making music, cooking and motorcycling!

Laying down his influences and inspirations for us, Joshi points that the concept of inspirations knows no bounds to him, and he finds himself drawing inferences from film, music and life too. Citing legendary names like Pablo Picasso, Raja Ravi Varma, Ganesh Pyne, and Diego Velázquez, the artist says that he looks up to the work of these artists that shaped up the glorious history of art and also finds himself moved by the work of today’s artists, Sam Spratt, Ignasi Monreal and Alexis Franklin to name a few.

Taking us through the creative process that gives life and form to the Joshi’s work, the artist mentions that commercial work involves sample thumbnails that he makes based on the briefs, followed by streamlined work on the approved pick partnered with feedback and conversation. When it comes to making art for himself, Joshi tends to work with the flow, where he starts with a piece and works on it at his pace until he feels like he doesn’t need to anymore.

While being an exemplary creator touching base with a plethora of narratives out there, Joshi, in the recent past incepted an initiative called PWJ, short for Paint With Jayman, that allows him to interact with aspiring artists while also imparting the knowledge of digital art that he has harnessed over the years.

Born as a medium to diversify on his craft, PWJ strays away from the institutional and taps into the essence of creation right from its roots, contrary to the technical courses one finds online. With utmost importance being placed on curating a vision and acting on it, Joshi says that 10 days might not be enough for one to become a great artist, 10 days are enough to challenge and alter your thought process, question your creative decisions and reflect on past decisions to help inform your current ones.

“There's plenty of resources online that teach you how to use a software to get a particular set of results, but no resources try to educate you on how to think, how to create a vision and how to translate your vision.”

Jayesh 'Jayman' Joshi

Every creative individual is aware of the role that social media plays in amplifying their voice and taking their work to nooks and crannies of the world. The recent digital past has brought forth various regulatory measures, with censorship proving to be one of the most debated and questioned ones. We asked Joshi about his views on the same.

“The dialogue on what should and shouldn't be censored is a completely different plane but it's important to have that discussion for as a world we need to change our outlook towards things like ground reporting based journalism, the human body and the automated censorship done using A.I.”

Jayesh 'Jayman' Joshi

With work ranging from album arts, topical creations and intricately detailed self portraits, Joshi mentions that his current favourite creations are ‘The Anatomy Of Dissonance”, an artwork based on the artist’s dream as the various things he saw in it, right from antlers, red deer and a lake, along with another creation of his, “Jhoola”.

Pursuing an art oriented approach when it comes to the concept of culture, Joshi says,

“I want to propagate a culture where art is honest, not something that's made for interaction online, or something that feels like a hot topic to cover but something you truly feel for. I say this cause I believe that the art we remember and the creations we take with us to our deathbeds are ones that speak to our soul, and I believe that the soul only responds to emotions that are honest.”

Jayesh 'Jayman' Joshi

Redefining the purpose of creating and communicating through art, which is close to being forgotten under the blanket of 'likes' and futile validation, Joshi's work comes with a unique mystique that makes one look closer and mark an attempt to understand the same, than just double tap. Head over to the artist's profile for a closer look at his extraordinary work!

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