Diving Into The Nostalgic World Of Aditya Sinha aka Adipiscor

Diving Into The Nostalgic World Of Aditya Sinha aka Adipiscor

Aditya Sinha’s Instagram is loaded with stunning photographs that project a sense of rebellion. Read on to learn about Aditya’s journey and what motivates him.

Aditya Sinha who goes by the name Adipiscor on Instagram is a photographer who has perfected the art, capturing images and fleeting moments that tell stories like never before.

Aditya’s photographs are an ode to Patna, his hometown, where the resident emotion is nostalgia. The perplexing yet inspiring emotions that he feels towards the city have given way to a youthful rebellion in his visuals along with a brilliant storyline.

"A lot of the photographs that I take are an ode to Patna, the city I come from, where the resident emotion is nostalgia — on good days, it almost feels like you are stuck in time."

Aditya Sinha

Surrounded by books growing up, the artists was inspired to read anything and everything, further disclosing how creative writing gave him the freedom to express his emotions, tell a story, and connect with people. It wasn’t until later in his life when he discovered the visual medium of photography and cinema that he realised a sense of freedom much greater than writing.

Aditya’s creative efforts while capturing a shot are directed towards translating human emotions, in a way that is similar to poetry which he ultimately describes as a cathartic process. He cites his old family photo albums, made by his grandfather, as a defining factor in helping him understand exactly what he wanted to do with his art.

"Glimpses of my personal life made their way into these photos and with time, I learnt how to reinterpret my emotions through a photograph. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the tenderness of human emotions like a moth to the flame; to me, each of those emotions is a creative instinct."

Aditya Sinha

To the young creative, the process of creating a moment in time through photographs is a collective effort. From using his grandmother’s old sarees to create different elements of his set, to using his mother’s poetry to give the shoots a purpose and direction, Aditya focuses on giving all his projects a personal touch.

Talking about some of the influences and inspiration behind his visual style and aesthetic, Aditya recalls an illustrated book of fairy tales from the 1920s, which was passed on to him by his father, and labels it as his favorite piece of inspiration. Apart from this, the fantasy that emerged from the most personal of Nan Goldin’s biographical work, that he stumbled upon on Tumblr, had him speechless every time.

"There is a restlessness that comes with the inception of an idea that has often carried me through to the finish line. But through the lockdown, as a rather impatient being, the biggest challenge was to acknowledge the pliability of unfinished projects, and the patience required to create art over time has fuelled me this past year."

Aditya Sinha

Having spent the majority of the lockdown without his camera, Aditya says he has learned how to make peace with the stillness of a city without any creative labour to show for it. He shows high appreciation of artists, who despite the lockdown, managed to create, learn and move forward and were also at the forefront of political change.

Aditya spent the majority of his time going through boxes filled with old family albums and film roles, something that he calls the “communal bank of memories”. After a long break because of the lockdown, Aditya is extremely excited to start work again. The projects that he is currently working on are deeply personal and explore the relationship of photography and memory.

"I would like to believe that a lot of the photos I take carry a sense of personal nostalgia. Growing up queer in a small town, there were ideas and ways of living that lacked representation in the forms of media I consumed. So making photographs that combined my concepts with these elements gave me the comfort and later, the acceptance to see the beauty in the tiny details of my childhood."

Aditya Sinha

Citing the tangible sense of emotions and vulnerability that is captured with photographs, the creatives reveals that while these elements drew him towards photography, he did not venture into the craft with the expectations of others and claims he is open to receiving any form criticism.

"I think the confidence that comes with acceptance is what art brings to any culture, and to be able to partake in it — and perhaps contribute to it — is a privilege."

Aditya Sinha

Head on over to the photographers official Instagram page to get a closer look at his stunning visuals and the wonderful stories he imbibes in them.

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