Daniel Arsham x Pokemon is an Electric Collaboration

Daniel Arsham recently teamed up with the legendary Anime franchise for a Pikachu sculpture with Arsham's signature dystopian style

Daniel Arsham shows no signs of slowing down. The famed artist is back with an electric collaboration that will tingle the nostalgic nerves of every 90s kid.

The artist released Blue Crystalized Pikachu on his website last month. Arsham is the first visual artist who has been granted access to the Pokémon archive.

His intentions with the project were not only to bring the world of Pokémon into his work but also to have his work infiltrate the Pokémon universe.

The Blue Crystalized Pikachu is nearly one-foot-tall and has been designed using light blue cast resin and aluminium oxide.

Each edition comes in an Arsham Studio designed housing with die-cut foam, sealing label, and a pair of white art handling gloves.

Arsham timed the drop coincide with the release of his Uniqlo x Pokemon t-shirt collection which will see a global release in stores once they reopen. We at FTC HQ, are surely hoping for an India release as well.

Uniqlo Website Image
Uniqlo Website Image

500 statues were made and released to the public. Each of them comea with an Arsham holographic label verifying its edition number and authenticity.

Retail: $2000, (Approximately Rs. 1,50,000)

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