Christmas Starter-Pack: The Food & Wine Edit

Christmas Starter-Pack: The Food & Wine Edit

For everyone wanting to have holidays filled with merriment as well as festive treats and beverages, read on to know some of the Christmas staples you can indulge in this festive season!

With the onset of the holiday season comes “the most wonderful time of the year”. While the pandemic might have dampened the usual excitement and energy around celebrations, one can always raise spirits with precautionary merrymaking. For anyone looking to bring alive the Christmas cheer, here’s the perfect starter-pack for you!

While we all know about the unending familiarity of the holiday with candy canes and Christmas trees, the essence of the festival lies beyond what meets the eye. The population around the world has embraced the grandeur of the celebrations worldwide through light shows and ornamental pine trees, however, what adds the much-needed warmth and personal touch to the festivities are the finer details. Like many other borrowed traditions and practices from the West, there are a few surrounding Christmas foods and drinks that can help amp up the cheer.

Milk & Cookies for Santa

Starting from the classic and easy to execute tradition of keeping a glass of milk under the Christmas tree for Santa Claus, this practice came to existence during the Great Depression. Parents wanted to bring some sort of excitement while also teaching their children the value of sharing - this definitely helped keep the festivities alive in rather depressing times.

Mulled Wine

Another interesting traditional drink that has aged well over centuries and civilisations is that of mulled wine. It all started with Romans heating their wine during the cold season to defend their bodies from chills and shivers. Soon, Europeans added a culinary twist to the practice by infusing the heated wine with spices, making it more than just a measure against the winter.

Various homes now follow the tradition and also make their own renditions of the wine with an assortment of fruity or spiced flavors around the time of Christmas to keep the spirits high and taste buds amused!

Mrs. Claus' Freshly Baked Cookies

How does one forget the sweet whiffs of freshly baked cookies when it comes to Christmas! This year, make sure you personalize all the gift hampers with a set of gingerbread, chocolate chip and caramel cookies - and don’t forget the staple festive frosting! The season of gifting is incomplete without a generous exchange of cookies within friends and family. Another important element that adds to the warmth of the season is a steaming cup of hot cocoa, abundantly topped with marshmallows!


Being a farming country in the olden times, America gave birth to another drink offering - Eggnog. The custard-esque drink combines eggs, milk and booze with some spices like nutmeg and cinnamon giving a twist to your usual round of drinks on festive nights.

Christmas Eve Roast Dinner

Christmas is never complete without a big fat dinner cherished with friends and family. Meat lovers usually prep the meal with elaborate ham, beef and chicken recipes, accompanied with mashed potatoes, garden vegetables and cranberry sauce. Desserts include homemade apple and cherry pies, trifles, puddings, rum balls, plum cakes and many more!

Meals as large as these are bound to leave one in a never-ending food coma, but it's all worth it. As the saying goes, food is the way to one’s heart, and throwing the perfect Christmas party with the best of delicacies is bound to make you a party favourite, loved by everyone!

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